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March 20, 2015

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School Begins at 8 AM

Today is Friday. 14 students arrived at school between 8:00 and 8:22 AM. SCHOOL STARTS AT 8.

I greeted most of them with a gentle reminder to try to be on time so this article is not for those of you who had 23 different things happen one morning two months ago and your child was almost late to class.

It's not the students who are late, it is the parents. Parents, please bring your children to school on time. This is written for those of you who continually bring your child exactly at 8 or a few minutes after 8. You are affecting all of the students in the school. You are teaching your child that being on time is not important. Please give your children a great life lesson and teach them that being on time is important and that it is responsible behavior.

Please come 5 minutes early. You can even bring your child to the All Purpose room at 7:30 but please.... I'm begging you..... please work on getting your child to school on time.

Slackwood Awarded Lawrence Township Education Foundation Grants

Staff from Slackwood were recently notified that they had been award grants for projects from LTEF.

Here is a synopsis of the grants awarded:

Linda Miller ( All 4 Schools) –$1,160 – “Sphero and Stem” - robotic balls that will allow students to explore the basics of programming.

Jill Schulman and Patty Murphy – $980 – “3 three year subscriptions for Earobics” – Program to assist students in improving their phonological skills.

Angie Rotola - $382 “Finding Friendship” - Using the Model Me Kids program to support social skill development in our special needs students.

Tanya Damon and Melanie Seaman – $1000 – “Eco Del Sur Artist in Residence” – Students can experience and learn about the music and culture of Latin America and the Andes..

Mary Ellen Wallauer - $2433 – “First Grade Classroom Cozy Reading Nooks. “ Comfortable reading seating and storage benches for the classroom.

Mary Ellen Wallauer - $1495 – “Stone Soup as presented by the Pushcart Players.” Live theater performance of a popular book.

What's Happening This Week

Tuesday, March 24 - Fairness Assembly 8 AM

Thursday, March 26 - Class Pictures

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Mrs. Azhir honored as a LifeChanger of the Year

Most of you know her as Ana, or Mrs. Azhir. She is the secretary in the Slackwood School Office. She is the most helpful and patient person most of us know.

Mrs. Azhir was honored as a candidate for the LifeChanger of the Year award given by National Group Life. She received a certificate for this honor and she is now a finalist for National Life Changer of the Year award.

In order to help her, we are putting together a campaign to support her. All you have to do is go to this link : and scroll to the bottom of the page and tell your story about Mrs. Azhir. Finalists will be flown to Maui, Hawaii where the winner will be announced and given $5000 and $5000 awarded to our school. So go to the site and tell everyone how great Mrs. Azhir .

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Check Out This Site

Check out the Home/Parent Toolkit. It offers a lot of suggestions on how to help your child at home, what your child is learning in school and anything else you want to know about developmentally appropriate school/home connections. It also can be switched into a Spanish version

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About Slackwood Elementary School

Slackwood's original structure was built in 1904. This is the 110th year that we have opened school here in our little neighborhood. At the present time, we have three classes for each grade level, K-3, and two special education classrooms.

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