Kaitlin Gallant

Who I Am!

I am Kaitlin Gallant, born and raised in Mississauga Ontario. I am 14 years old turning 15 on October 21st. I have a learning disability, it has to do with reading and writing.
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3 Important Qualities

I have three important qualities that include creativity, I am a very creative person. I am outgoing and I am not afraid of confrontation to another person. I am friendly and nice to people I first meet. I personal believe that these three qualities are very important if I want to be the best person I am now.

3 Important values

When it comes to school I try my best to be punctual and then it comes to other things where it turns to me not being punctual but I am working as hard as I can to work on my punctuality for things other then school. I am confident and I find it important to be determined too, and I try my best to be the best person I can be.

Learning Styles

Kinesthetic Learners

More information on my learning styles

  • Take notes
  • Highlight or underline important facts
  • Make scrapbooks of what I've learned
  • Act out a poem, strong or historical events
  • Walk through a series of instructions
  • Build a model or draw a picture to illustrate what you've learned
  • Create exercises or motions to match words and concerns

My top three intellegences

  1. Kinaesthetic
  2. Musical
  3. Visual/ Spactial

Personality Types


E- Extravesion

N- Intuition

T- Thinking

J- Judging

Three Careers That Interest me:

Here is the exact order of the careers that interest me

  1. Teacher
  2. Doctor
  3. Lawyer

The Top Three Important Relationships In My Life:

  1. Mom & Dad - My Parents
  2. My close family such as my sister, grandparents, aunties, and my cousins.
  3. My significant other

My Personal Goals:

These are my top three important life goals in my mind.

My Last Words

I'd smell my room

and the fresh aroma of

taco's. I'd smell my

cat freshly cleaned.

I'd fell the comfort

of my own bed, the

purring from my cat

and the warmth of my dog.

I'd see my family,

my friends and

birds flying fighting

thru the wind.

I'd hear music playing

voices and the wind

as I sit in my dads truck

as it hits my hears.

I'd say I LOVE YOU

to the ones that

matter most and I'd speak

my memorize and dreams.

I'd taste cold milk

and my favorite Tim

Hortans drink a

frozen raspberry lemonade.

I'd experience the first time I sang,

kicking a soccer ball,

and tackling, being hit and

hitting the re-leaf of passing thru.

Once I'm finished I'd sit

down in my chair relax and just think

about what I still need to accomplish

in my life and just carry on with me.

By: Kaitlin Gallant