Government Property Inspector

By:Kinjal Patel

What do I do?

Investigate or inspect government property to ensure compliance with contract agreements and government regulations
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Responsibilities of the Job

As a government property inspector and investigator you make sure that places such as sewer systems , highways,roads,and dams are structurally sound.


The salary is 31.23 hourly and 64,950 annually.

Pros of the Job

  • You will most likely not get laid off because you work in the government

  • You are not stuck in a office space

  • You can go to many places

Job Outlook

12% (As fast as average)

Best Colleges

  • College 1-Baton Rouge School of Computers

    • Cost Per Year:$25,967

  • College 2-Northwest Technical Institute

    • Cost Per Year:$3,821

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