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Women aren't being paid fairly

On average women only make 77% of what a man makes which is basically 77 cents for each dollar made by a man. Women beat men when it comes to college graduation rates and other measures of academic success so why do we still have a gap? this an open ended questions there are many different theories and reason as to why they don't get paid fairly one of them are stereotypes. Stereotypes push girls into lower paying professions. Hypothetically if we level out things such as education, experience, occupation, job title, and location the gap shrinks to 94.6 cents for every dollar a man makes. This shrinks the gap but it does not make it disappear. There are also multiple studies that have been conducted that say race is also a factor in how much we are paid. At the top of the ladder it is even worse. A list of 2,500 Of the best paid executives was conducted and only 198 were female. Can you believe that in the year 2016 we still have to put up with inequality a battle we have been fighting since the dawn of time.
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The t-shirts above sum up the situation. From the minute we are born the majority of us are told that Boys are smart and girls are pretty. Company's selling shirts with phrases such as "smart like dad" for boys motivating them from a young age that they can accomplish anything. Whilst selling shirts with phrases such as "pretty like mommy" sending the indirect message that your only job is to look pretty and you don't have to be smart.

Does our country support single moms?

7.3 million families are run by a working single moms. 2 million of those families are living well below the poverty line. One of the reasons why that is, is because women are more likely to be working at minimum wage jobs without benefits than men are. President Obama has tried to raise minimum wage but congress has denied. A person working at minimum wage earns less than $14,500 annually almost impossible to suffice when raising a family. The USA is one of the few countries that doesn't guarantee that all mothers can take paid time off also known as maternity leave. Congress denying to raise minimum wage has kept millions of people impoverished.
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Are female athletes given less opportunity?

Female athletes are not taken as seriously as male athletes. Female athletes recieve 63,000 fewer opportunity at NCAA institutions. Compared to male athletes female athletes recieve $183 million less NCAA schlolarships. Female college and high school athletes continuiously lack in equippment, uniforms, and facilites which rarely happen to male athletes.
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Ineqaulity causes crime

Countries with high income ineqaulity have higher murder rates. The lower income class might rebel because they believe that their is not going to be change in the system. The wealthier population might rebel because they feel supremecy over a certain group of people. Another reason that inequality cause crime is because people don't make enough money they turn to drugs, gangs, gambling, and other fraudulent behavior.

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