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What is A Thyroid Gland

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The thyroid gland is around your neck area and it is one of the largest glands that humans have in there bodies. The thyroid gland has something to do with the way your hormones work. It is said that all vertebras have a thyroid gland including animals like a fish or a bird.

Main Function

The main function of a thyroid gland is to detect how fast the body uses energy, makes proteins, and it determines how sensitive you are to hormones in your body. It does this by letting out thyroid hormones. It is basically the source in your body that determines how fast you grow and it can do it in different parts of your body.

Organ System

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The thyroid is in the endocrine system and this is basically the part of the body where it controls development in your body. It mostly has to do with hormones and glands and the thyroid gland is apart of that.

How my Morgan works Together with other Organs

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In this part of the body it is focuses mainly on your development and the thyroid gland and other glands help each other out so you can successfully grow to be and adult. The thyroid helps other glands because it tells them when they need to grow. It does this by sending out thyroid hormones and tells a spot to grow a certain amount. The other parts respond to it. It also helps your body carry out life functions because it helps the part of your growth and it helps with reproduction which is the thing that all organisms live to do.

Diseases of Thyroid

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A disease or a something abnormal that can happen is that there could be way too much thyroid hormones being let out in an area. Another one is the opposite and having too little thyroid hormones in an area. Some range from not very serious to almost deadly.

Can you live without a Thyroid Gland

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Well not having a thyroid gland wouldn't really lead to death but it makes it so your growth and the way you grow i sin stake for nothing can send your body signals on when to actually grow.

Gang Name: Groth Pods (Endocrine System)



Attributes:Tells other glands when to grow

Standing: Captain

Wanted For: Wanted for leading group members into growing and completing the development for vertebras worldwide

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Allies:Pituitary Gland, Hypothalamus, metabolism,etc.