New Zealand


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Official Language: English

and some also talk in Maori

Literacy in New Zealand

United States= 99%

99% of New Zealand talks English. And the other 1% talks Maori.


Sometimes New Zealand people eats sea food. like fish. Or squid. People in New Zealand also eat meat. Like beef.
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in New Zealand there are more of Catholic people
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Art,Music,and dance /[Entertantment]

New Zealand is known as one of the world's greatest countries sports .

  • Soccer
  • the first Olympic games where in Greece
  • the Olympic games in Greece where not just about the athletes the where about friendship and sports man ship.

Famous Person

  • The famous person their is the prime minister
  • The prime minister is like the Presidint their like we have a presidint.
  • John Key


They wear regular clothes like we do


  • New Zealand's flag has red and blue and has stars on it
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My Landmarks:


Wellington is the capital and one of the largest city, in New Zealand it is a place for government , manufacturing and shipping. Wellington and the sourounding place make up one of New Zelands most big populated religions.


New Zealand celebrates ANZAC day is like veterans day for only Austrialia and New Zealand. And they also the also get a day of school. New Zealand also celebrates the 4th of July


New Zealand sometimes rains but mostly is like in the 60s hot.

And is very cold at times. And it rains the most in July. And rains the least in jan

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Intersting Info

wellington is the largest city in new zealand

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