Stephen Hawking

By, Alex Layden 6 period English Ms. Eckerts class


Stephen was born in Oxford England during WWII. His mother picked there because it was the safest place to have a baby during the war. In school he was an average student and was very interested in science.


Stephen Hawking is today's Albert Einstein. He has won tons of awards for his work. The most important thing about him is that he is the worlds smartest person but he disabled. He has ALS a disease that makes you not able to move. He is in a wheel chair and speaks through a machine in his cheek.

Struggles and acomplishments

Stephen Hawking struggles with the disease known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. The disease shuts down your muscles and attacks your nerve cells in your spinal cord and brain. Stephen got diagnosed when he was 21 in collage. His father saw him start falling a lot when he tried to walk. But Stephen never gave up. Stephen has got many awards over the years. He has gotten the Pius xl gold metal, 2 Albert Einstein awards, bachelor's degree in math and physics,Presidential medal of freedom,Wolfs prize in physics,Copley Medal,Fonseca medal,Hughes medal,Franklin medal, Adams prize,Eddington medal,Gold medal of the royal Astronomical Society, Special break through prize in fundamental physics and he has also been knighted.
What is A.L.S. or Lou Gehrig's Disease ?

Professional career

Stephen is a publisher of books, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics ( 1779-2009), Actor, Cosmologist, Astrophysicist and Theoretical Physicist. The books Stephen has published are all about science. He has also made on with his daughter Lucy. He has been in four episodes of the Simpsons and has also been in Futurama and the Big Bang Theory.

Personal life

Stephen gets married to Jane Beryl 1965-1995 in the end he gets divorced. He had 3 children with her, Lucy,Timothy and Robert. After getting divorced with Beryl he gets married to his nurse Elaine Mason. They are married for eleven years (1995-2006). Right now he lives at Cambridge House in England.


Stephen hawking has many quotes. One of my favorite quote is ( I was never at the top of may class at school , but my classmates must have seen potential in me , because my nick name was Einstein). Another quote is ( Intelligence is the ability to adapt change). To see more quotes go to