Come to Massachusetts Today!!

Come to the Best Colonies!

You can choose what kind of lifestyle you would like to live! Are you sick and tired of the Church of England? Well go to Plymouth Massachusetts today! Are you tired and fed up with the king but are still a supporter of the Church of England? Then go to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Plymouth & Massachusetts Bay Colony

Are you a fan of fish and can't get enough? Come on down to Massachusetts where we have a great fishing environment! If you like nice warm summers and cold snowy winter this is the perfect place for you. We have nice rich forests for fur trapping so during the winter you have nice warm clothes.

Some things About Massachusetts


Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colony

In Plymouth our government is a Democratic system. This is when towns people can vote on laws and people to run their colony.

In Massachusetts Bay Colony the church still runs everything. (Puritans this place is for you.)

Our Founders

William Bradford founded Plymouth in 1620.

John Winthrop founded Massachusetts Bay in 1630.