Frank Weekly Memo

Week of September 28-October 2

Great Things Happening at Frank Elementary during the week of September 21-25!

PD Days...

Week At A Glance!!!!

September 28 - Day 5 (District PD)

September 29 - Day 6 (District PD)

September 30 - Day 7 (District PD)

October 1 - Day 8 (Typical Schedule) (Staff Meeting at 8:15 AM...please bring your fully charged laptop. Please also be punctual.)

October 2 - Day 1 (TBT Meeting from 8:15-9:45 AM for 1st grade)

Important Items...

-Our SBR committee met last evening and made some decisions on the SBR Progress Binders. Please use these notes as a guide for setting up and using your binders. If you have questions, Sara Jones is on this committee and can answer questions. Please refer to the "Standards Based Reporting Update" sent by Charlotte Thompson on 9/22.

-Data Binder Dates for 2015-2016 School Year:

    • Keep binders for conferences for Q1 especially- do not send home for Q1 only- they will be discussed specifically at conferences with parents

    • Q2- Send home January 8

    • Q3 Midterm- Send home February 5 (due to holidays)

    • Q3- Send home March 18

    • Q4 Midterm- Send home April 15

    • Q4- Send home last day

  • Parents can request at anytime

-Please take some time to review the notes from our first safety drill last week. Please share that information with your students. Our first evacuation drill will be on October 19 at 9:15 AM.

-Please take some time to create the link to send to your parents for conference sign-up using SignUpGenius. Please share that link with your parents by October 1.

-The Diversity Committee is looking for book study leaders in each building beginning in October for the book, Growing Up Black in White. A Schoology course will be set up to facilitate online discussions as well as provide other reading materials related to the book. Face-to-face encounters may also be part of this process. Please let Joe Sarnes know if you are interested in leading one of the book studies.

-A collection sheet for the 1st Box Top Contest is attached. This contest runs through October 16th.

Please announce the first contest in your newsletter and/or their nightly email. This way parents will know that the contest has begun and they can also print more copies off if they would like to.

-Please come see me to share with me the size of t-shirt you would like for the walk-a-thon t-shirt. I will need your t-shirt size by September 24. All staff members will receive a t-shirt.

-Please continue to fill out and turn in Bucket Fillers. It is very special to have names turned in each day. This is a great way to recognize our outstanding students.

-Please also continue to fill up the Bucket Filling Board in the staff lounge!:)

-Please let me know if you would like a set of stability balls for your classroom. I will share feedback with the FPC on October 1.

-Please also let me know if you have any feedback about turning in receipts to FPC. If you would rather turn in receipts twice a year or if you would rather use a "grant writing" method with people being reimbursed as money is spent. I will share feedback with the FPC on October 1.

-Please take some time to review the district testing calendar which was recently shared with staff. Thanks!

-Please consider nominating someone from Frank for the Shining Star Award! We have a lot of great things happening in our building! This is another great way to share our story with others!

-The book fair is open on Thursday (9/24) from 8:45 AM - 3 PM. Please note: The book fair is not open before school. Parents and students may shop in the book fair during recess of the student. Parents will sign in, receive a visitor's badge, go out to the playground and get the student, and then will go shopping. Parents are also invited to stay for lunch.

-The Frank BLT Team met in the morning on Wednesday, (9/23). The minutes from the meeting will be shared with the entire staff soon. Please take some time to review the BLT minutes. There is a lot of important information! Please talk to your BLT if you have any questions.

-Progress monitoring will take place on September 24 (K-2 AIMSweb and 3-5 STAR).

-By October 14: Complete F & P benchmarks on remaining students.

-If you are sending a nightly email to parents, please use the BCC. Also, please include me on those emails. If you are sending a newsletter to your parents, please make sure I get a copy of that as well.

-Friendly Reminder: Weekend Access is from 10 AM - 4 PM on Saturdays and Sundays (if you have filled out the weekend access form and have received the code for entering the building).

-Custodial FYI...Dale will be on first shift the week of September 28th. There will be a sub at night for the entire two weeks along with a full timer.

-Please take a look at the Do Not Photograph list and please make sure to follow that throughout the year.

-The BLTs will be approving the SLOs on Thursday, September 24, from 4-6 at the CO.

-Jeans on Thursdays for $5/Thursday to support the levy. Please see the email about the levy and turning in the money. The are in desperate need of money for the levy! Please consider donating!

-If you wear Jeans on Fridays, please donate a $1. This will be donated to First Steps Baby Group.

-Door-to-door event on Thursday, October 15. Please see the email about the door-to-door and signing up. We would love to have as many people there as possible. As Mr. Hosler mentioned, this is a great levy to get involved with since it is for permanent improvements. This also will directly impact our educational services if we have to start pulling money from our building budget to fund these projects. Please help and please get involved.

-Safe Schools - Due October 2.

-Please note: Please, please, please be very careful when laminating so that we can make both of our laminators last as long as possible.

-The Walk-A-Thon will be on Monday, October 12. Information was sent home to parents on 9/11. T-shirt orders must be returned by 9/25. Pledge forms and money must be turned in by Friday, October 2nd.

-Staff survey was shared on September 10. Please take some time to complete this survey. It will be due by October 1. This will help us plan for the year. Thanks!:)

Frank Elementary has a Twitter Account...@FrankElementary. Please feel free to follow me. This is a school based twitter account, so I will share research and fun activities happening within the building. Please also let me know when great things are happening in your class so that I can come visit and take pictures. Also, please feel free to take pictures of great things happening and send those pictures to me so I can post them on Twitter.

Please also send Chad an email of when you would like him to come read to your class during the month of September!

-Please take some time to review the T & L Update. Please bookmark, Please make sure that you signed up to participate in the Teaching and Learning Blogs. Important information was sent out via this format about a number of topics.

-Picture Retake Day is September 30. Picture retake day is scheduled for September 30th. If your child has not had their picture taken, please have him/her stop in the office to pick up a form. If your child had their picture taken and would like a retake, please have him/her return the original packet of pictures to the Photographer on September 30th and the same package will be ordered. If your child has not had their picture taken and you do not want to order pictures, please have them get their picture taken so it appears in the yearbook. Staff members should also have their picture taken on this day.

-Skate Night is on September 30. All staff members are welcome to attend!

-The first Vito's Character Lunch of the Year will be on Thursday, October 1 at 12:35 PM in the library. The students winning the effort award for the month of September will also have their picture taken right after announcements on Thursday, October 1. More information will be coming from Sarah Murphy and Chrissy Nackowicz about nominating students from your class for these awards.

-We will have a fire drill at 9:15 AM on Friday, October 2. Please see the BLT minutes (from 9/23) about changes to fire drill procedures.

-On Friday, October 2, will be Morning with Mom (Last names A-L) from 7:30-8:45 AM. All staff members are welcome to attend.

-A Frank Talk will go home on Friday, October 2. Please take some time to review this issue of the Frank Talk.

Food For Thought... (Shorten your classroom management learning curve with these tips) (Teaching Students how to persevere means showing them that they are capable of taking that first step forward