Eagle News

May 1, 2023

From the Principal:

Happy May to all of our Suncrest Eagles!

We cannot believe that we are already in the final weeks of the school year. Our focus at Suncrest will continue to be to provide the best possible education for your students.

The week of May 8-12 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Help us celebrate our teachers by showing our appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication!

Preschool: We still have a few open spots for our Community Pre-K classes. Please inquire at the office!

Diane Vielee, Principal
Samantha Mitchell, Assistant Principal

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On Friday, May 12, 2023 we will host our first ever community Dog Jog 5k and 1 Mile Fun Run! This is going to be a huge fundraising and community event for our school.

All proceeds will be donated to our therapy dog fund and Suncrest PTO! You can still register by turning in your form! Ask your child's teacher for another copy!

We have a lot of exciting things planned for this event including:


  • Little Miss Cupcakes
  • Kona Ice
  • Puritan Coney Island Express
  • Guac Box


  • We are working with Faith Family to have fun carnival games for families to participate in. A wrist band is included in your 5K registration and will be necessary to play carnival games and win fun prizes!


Each grade level is putting together a themed basket for a silent auction! All proceeds will go towards students at Suncrest Elementary!


We guarantee it will be a fun time! After the run/walk, you can enjoy the music and other fun activities!

We hope to make this an amazing community event and we would LOVE for you to participate with us! If you need another form, please let your child's teacher know! Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

Office News

  • Background checks have to be done in order to go anywhere beyond the office. These take about 2 weeks to process, if you are wanting to come into your students classroom or on a field trip. These also need to be redone each school year.

  • Our office hours are 7am - 4pm. If no one answers please leave a message, we check them often throughout the day.

  • If there are any transportation changes please call before 1:30.

  • Please make sure if there is any change to how your student is getting home that you call the office, not just message the teacher. If the teacher is absent the school will not get the message.

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Physical Education with Mrs. Tuggle

Physical Education with Mrs. Tuggle

Field Day 2023 Info

What: Field Day

When: Kindergarten, 1st Grade & 2nd Grade -May 17

3rd, 4th & 5th Grade - May 18

Time: 12:30-2:45

How Can You Help: Sign up to be a volunteer

Where: The grass fields & parking lot behind Suncrest Elementary

Important INFO about Field Day!!!

  • Please have your student dress in clothing safe to run in!

  • Please NO flip flops or high heels of any type.

  • We will be outside all afternoon on your student’s scheduled day!

  • Students will get somewhat wet at a few games, if they need to bring a change of clothes for the ride home please send some that day. Most students will dry off during the afternoon.

This year we are using an online program to sign up volunteers. Below you will find the links to the two different days AND the link for Background Checks.


If you have filled one out THIS school year, you do not need to do it again


For the Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade sign-up please visit this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0945A5A92DA4FFC25-kindergarten

For the 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade sign-up please visit this link:


There will be new games along with some favorite games from the past! This is one of the best days of school---Sign up today to join in the fun!

Any questions, please feel free to contact me at this email address


Nurse News

Attention 5th Grade Parents:

We are having an immunization clinic here at Suncrest on May 10. The Clinton County Health Department has partnered with CSF to help assist in making sure our students are up to date on all required vaccines. Any fifth graders that are due for the required immunizations for middle school will receive a packet this week. If you would like your child to receive the required immunizations, please fill out both pages of the packet, including your insurance information on the second page and return it to Nurse Cassie by May 5th. Not all 5th graders are due quite yet, if your child does not receive a packet, it just means that they will need to get their vaccines over the summer. If you have any questions once you receive the packet, please call me at 765-659-6265 or email me at krehelyc@frankfort.k12.in.us.

Classroom News

Kindergarten News

To go with our “Rain or Shine, We Grow Together!” theme, we spent April learning about plants and will spend May learning about animals! We’ve planted some grass and watched it grow. We’ve learned about what living things need to survive like air, water, food, and room to grow. In May we will get to learn so much more about what animals need to survive. We will talk about where and how animals live and how we sort animals into different groups and of course continue our Alphabet Countdown!


It’s hard to believe it is April already! Pre-K has been working hard on our 4th quarter goals and becoming Kindergarten ready! We have been focusing on being able to complete tasks independently: like zipping their own coats, opening their own snacks and milk, cleaning up after themselves at lunch and problem solving. In Reading, we have been working on the letters at the end of the alphabet. We have also started working on reading and writing cvc words with students who are ready for that next step. In Math, we have been working on creating our own AB patterns and being able to ID at least 9/10 numbers. We count to 20 every day and many students are now counting past 20! Way to go Pre-K!

** We will be having a Pre-K Graduation Ceremony on May 19th from 1:45-2:30pm. All attendees will need to complete a background check. More information will be sent out at a later date :)

Registration for Community Preschool has started! Your child has to be 4 by August 1st. Contact the front office to secure a spot in our Pre-K for next year!

1st Grade News

  • First graders are working on breaking various shapes into halves, fourths and wholes! You can ask them if they think they can break various shapes into equal parts that you find around the house.
  • Students have been hard at work on researching their animals in class! Be sure to ask them what they have learned about their animal and see what they can share with you!
  • With the end of the year fast approaching, please check with your student to make sure they have working headphones for when we take our NWEA tests. If they are in need of a pair of headphones, we have some available in the office for $3.

2nd Grade News

2nd grade has been working very hard to end this school year strong!

We went on our 2nd field trip of the year to Clowes Hall and watched a Junie B. Jones play on stage. It was such a fun experience!

Writing - We’ve been working on a poetry unit. We have written a variety of poems including acrostics, cinquains, limericks and Who am I? poems. We put all of our favorite ones into our very own Poetry Book and shared them with our friends.

Reading - We have been reading nonfiction texts. We have focused on learning about how authors use text features to help organize their writing and make it easier for us to understand what we read.

Math - We have been working on learning more about the attributes of two dimensional and three dimensional shapes. We have also learned more about fractions and how to use fractions to describe equal parts.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be taking the NWEA test and doing other benchmark assessments to end the year. We are really looking forward to celebrating all of the academic growth our students have made this year!! 😀

3rd Grade News

April has been so busy for third graders! Recently, we have been working hard on the ILEARN state assessments. By the end of testing, students will have shown all their knowledge in the areas of reading, writing, and math!

In class, our new reading unit theme is “Courage.” Students have been reading fiction stories that have that theme. We have been working on answering explicit and inferential questions from the text. We finished up our essay writing unit and will move on to our poetry unit after ILEARN testing. In math, we just finished our geometry unit and are currently working on data and graphing.

It’s almost the end of the year, but we are still busy learning! Please make sure to send your child to school on time each and every day possible! Thank you for your support with this! :)

4th Grade News

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” A. A. Milne

This is the month where both students and teachers know we’re winding down as classroom families. Fourth grade has been a blast, and it will continue to be great for another 23 days!

We’re working hard preparing for the Famous Hoosier Wax Museum. The parent night for this is on Monday, May 15. If your child is unable to attend that evening, that is OK. We’d love to see everyone at Suncrest for this event, but we know that isn’t always possible with schedules. Students will still be presenting their information in our day time museum to 2nd and 3rd graders. As students begin preparing for their speeches, be sure to have them practicing at home! Yes, many are nervous about this each year, but they always end up doing an incredible job! We can’t wait to see our Famous Hoosier Eagles soar!

Math: Protractor, right angles, isosceles triangles, trapezoids–these are just a few of the words we will hear while we continue focusing on geometry. Students will explore the properties of different shapes, including symmetry, parallel and perpendicular lines, and angles, and apply their understanding as they sort shapes based on these properties. And as always, we practice what we’ve learned throughout the year.

Science: We’re so fortunate to have another field trip this month! Going to the Camp Cullom for the Farm Education Conservation Camp presentations from the Clinton County Soil & Conservation District is always a favorite of both students and teachers.There are many well organized, sciended based, hands-on learning experiences in an outdoor setting! Fingers crossed for beautiful weather that day–it’s a rain or shine event!

5th Grade News

As we finish testing we have a few events planned for the end of the year. We will be doing an egg drop contest in May. May 23 will be a field trip to Conner Prairie. On the last day of school, there will be a parade for the fifth graders. An invitation will be sent home for fifth grade families at a later date.

ML News

I can’t believe April is over! We’ve been working so hard this year and it’s sad that our year is almost over! As you know, all of our multilingual students have to take a language test every January. This is a test your child will have to take every single year (kindergarten through 12th grade) until they score a 5 or a 6. When they score a 5 or a 6, it means that they are fluent in English!

Our test scores are HERE!!! We are having a parent night to go over those scores with you! It will be from 3:15-5:00 on Wednesday, May 3rd. This will be an open house format and you can come in any time between those times. We’ll meet in the cafe to go over your child’s scores. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you plan to come to this meeting–you need to know how your child is doing. Also, you’ll want to celebrate if they scored a Level 5 or Level 6.

All students who bring their parents to our parent night will get a bag of cookies, along with TWO GOLDEN TICKETS!!! Please mark your calendars and plan to come! Be looking for the letter to come home and we will see you in the cafe.

Just let us know if you have any questions!!

~Mrs. Fresch

Music with Mrs. Clifton

We are in our last month of school. In music, we are revisiting singing games and clapping games. Our focus in May is to keep building musical skills in a fun way and to recharge our love of music.

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Art News

Thank you to all of the families who enjoyed our Art Walk! We hope that you enjoyed seeing your students' favorite pieces! It was my first year, so I learned a lot, but it was the best first year I could have asked for. I love each student and have enjoyed watching them bloom.

From The Coach

Why children and parents should read together

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic recommend that parents read with their children beginning as early as infancy and continuing through elementary school years.

Reading with your children builds warm and happy associations with books, increasing the likelihood that kids will find reading enjoyable in the future.

Reading at home boosts school performance later on. It also increases vocabulary, raises self-esteem, builds good communication skills, and strengthens the human brain.

From The Counsler

With the school year coming to an end, it can be overwhelming with many class projects, reports, state testing, and juggling a life outside of school. To ensure you take care of yourself and not burn out, here are some helpful ideas.

  • Take a walk in nature

  • Read a book

  • Practice meditation or yoga

  • Take a nap to recharge your energy

  • Listen to music

  • Watch a movie with you family

  • Play with your pets

  • Write in a journal

  • Take a day to treat yourself with ice cream


The next PTO Meeting will be May 9! We are looking for a new PTO Vice President. If you'd like to help support Suncrest Staff and Students we'd love to have you on our board!

More information about Suncrest PTO can be found on the Facebook page HERE.
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Save The Date

May 4: Counselor Appreciation Day

May 5: Cafeteria Staff Appreciation Day

May 5: Therapy Puppy's 1st Visit!

May 8- May 12: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9: Teacher Appreciation Day

May 10: Immunization Clinic

May 10: Nurse Appreciation Day
May 11: 1st Grade Field Trip to Columbia Park Zoo

May 12: Dog Jog (5K) @ Suncrest

May 15: 4th Grade "Famous Hoosier" Wax Museum Parent Night 6:00-7:00PM

May 17-18: Field Day

May 18- Fifth Grade Movie Night 3:30-5:30 (more info to come)

May 19: Pre-K Graduation 1:45-2:30pm
May 22/23: IREAD Retakes

May 22: 3-5th Awards Celebration 1:00-2:00PM (More info to come)

May 23: K-2 Awards Celebration 1:00-2:00PM (More info to come)

May 23: 5th Grade Field Trip to Conner Prairie

May 24: Last day of school