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Dear paul, how old were you when you converted and how old are you now? The reason why i am asking this is because i am 53 and still believe in Jesus and still go to church. - worried christian.

Hello worried christian, i am 63 and still making the letters and i still believe in Jesus you should always believe in Jesus cause he still loves you. And i was 34 when i converted to a christian. - Paul

Dear paul do have a family and do they believe in Jesus? I have a family and they do believe in Jesus. - worried christian

Hello worried christian, i do not have a family. The reason why is because before i converted i killed, beaten and killed Jews, and Christians. That's good that your family believes in Jesus. - Paul

Dear paul why did you change your name from saul to paul? - worried historian

Hello worried historian, I changed my name because i found out that god can do wonders not just to Christians, Jews , gentiles. But he can do it to non-believes. - Paul

Dear paul how many letters have your written? - asking Jew

Hello asking christian, i have written 120 letters. 35 of them were destroyed when i died. -Paul

Dear paul can you give a number about how many places you visited when you were traveling? - traveling gentile

Hello traveling Gentile, i have visited about 20 towns and cities. -Paul

Dear paul what letters did you write(like that name of them) and what verses you like in those letters. - asking christian

Hello asking christian, i love all of the letters i wrote but the one book that i wuld really like would be the Corinthians. -Paul

Dear paul are Jews and Gentiles the same or no? - worried Gentiles

Hello worried Gentile Yes Jews and Gentiles are the same because They should both believe in Jesus. - Paul
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