1st Grade at Bear Creek Elementary

Week 26: April 5th - 9th.

Happy Monday back!

We hope you all had a restful long weekend! :)


  • Spring Pictures will be taken on Thursday, April 8th.
  • 120 Day t-shirts will be worn on Friday, April 9th.

As a grade level we are celebrating our 120th Day of School Thursday April 8th & Friday April 9th with various activities in Math, Reading, Writing, & Science. We ask that you help your student with decorating a t-shirt that has 120 items on it. The items don't have to be the same, they can be different, they can create a fun scene, use markers, stickers, you name it! Let your child have fun! :) In the past students have been successful with going to Michael's or Hobby Lobby and purchasing an oversized t-shirt to have more room to work with while hot gluing their items on. Due to Spring Pictures we have changed our shirts wearing will be worn on Friday April 9th. Students are more than welcome to wear an extra shirt underneath to change in to for recess or Special Areas if they get uncomfortable throughout the day.

Mrs. Preston and Miss Barbosa are so excited to see how creative these 120 day t-shirt designs will be! :)

Our learning goals for this week:


- I can show a given time on a clock face.
- I can select models and number sentences to represent word problems.
- I can think addition facts for a subtraction fact I do not know.


- I can read words with r-controlled vowels er, ir, ur.
- I can read 2-syllable words with r-controlled vowels.
- I can spell with r-controlled vowels er, ir, ur.
- I can blend, segment and count phonemes.
- I can read and write high frequency words: boy, door, father, maybe, nearest, says, shouted, until.

Big Ideas:

- I can share about how animals care for their young.
- I can identify adaptions and how those adaptations help an animal move.
- I can edit my writing using an editing checklist to make sure I have correct capitalization and punctuation.

As always, please email us with any questions you may have.

Cub Hugs,

- The First Grade Team

Miss Barbosa: monica.barbosa@austinisd.org

Mrs. Preston: karen.preston@austinisd.org

Big picture