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My Hero

Some people might say you need superpowers to be a hero; they say you need to have super-strength like Captain America, the ability to fly like Superman, or super-speed like The Flash. But that's not how I define a hero. A hero is someone who is a positive role model for others. That's why I chose my older brother, Carter, as my hero.
First of all, I can look up to him because of his attitude and achievement in school. Although he isn't especially talented, he works hard. This is important for me because although I'm naturally intelligent, I could be far more successful in school if I gave more effort. Carter is a sign of how far effort, motivation, and determination can get you. In the interview, Carter states his reason to work: "I give a lot of effort because I want to have the best education and be as prepared as possible for college." Next, he is a role model because he helps me strategize the best ways to study and get homework done. When asked how he balanced school and personal interests, Carter answered, "I balance school and the things I enjoy by setting times and dedicating it to either doing things I enjoy or school. So, on a given day from 4-5 I might do homework, and then from 5-6 I have fun and do whatever else I want." I know, personally, I've had trouble developing good study and homework habits, but Carter always comes up with good tips. He's consistently a solid resource, whether I need random knowledge or advice. To generalize, my brother is a helpful guide when it comes to navigating the labyrinth of school.

Next up, Carter is a comfort to me when it comes to my future. I know in my own life, I have trouble finding a true calling. Despite my parent's efforts, I have always been more interested in the arts as opposed to math and science. However, in the back of my mind, a conscience weighs heavily. College. Future. Career. All scary things that I'm not ready to face, and don't know how to face. But whenever I'm doubting whether I'll ever find a true path, Carter is who I turn to. In his interview, he said something that I've known for a while. Carter explained, "I hope to go to a good financial school like Duke, Indiana, Michigan, anything like that. And then hopefully, get a degree in economics, finances, and maybe accounting. Then, get an internship at a bank or hedge fund, then climb the corporate ladder wherever I choose to go." And, even though this isn't a path I'd likely follow, his confidence in his future rubs off on me, while at the same time giving me helpful ideas. Collectively, Carter helps lightens the constant load of my future.
A hero: Someone who is a good role model for others to follow. At least, that's how I describe it. You could ask a thousand people what their definition of a hero is, and you wouldn't find the same one twice. Sui generis perspectives; each different yet beautiful like a snowflake. And no matter how amazing my brother is, he could never fit all these descriptions. But that doesn't matter. Because to me, Carter is a hero first and brother second.