High jump

ido cohen and rotem marash

Why it's so importent?

High jump improves the stability, speed and strength in the legs. It's an Olympic sport so you can be in the Olympic competition and make new records

Why it's special?

It's special because you can jump in many different techniques like: western roll, scissors, straddle and fosbury flop. The technique that the most of the high jumpers use is the fosbury flop.

champions and world records:

Javier Sotomayor from Cuba in 1993 set a world record of 2.45 meters in a Stadium.

Javier Sotomayor from Cuba in 1989 set a world record of 2.43 meters in an auditorium.

stefka kostadinova Bulgaria set in 1987 world record of 2.09 meters in a Stadium.

Kajsa Bergkvist Sweden in 2006 set a world record in 2.08 meters in an auditorium.


If you want to get high, jump high.
Javier Sotomayor - High Jump World Record - 2.45 m (8.046 ft)
2005 World Championship Women's High Jump 1st - Kajsa Bergqvist
Stefka Kostadinova 2 09 World Record