Technology at Lineville

By: Kayla G. Torp


In this unit, my class did an iTrailer which is made on an app called iMovie. iMovie is an app that involves pictures, videos, sounds, mixed media and more to create a short, little video to show off your upcoming movie! In the iTrailer, you could 'advertise' anything that you wanted to, and it was very fun and interesting! For example, in my iTrailer, I did it about my family and our trip to Walt Disney World last year! This app has many different layouts, backgrounds, and sounds.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app that you can create anything you want. Like iMovie, there are many different layouts, and backgrounds. For our class' purpose, we had to solve a math problem. We had many choices of what problem we wanted to solve! The problems were fairly easy but it was still an informative project!

Haiku Deck

What's your dream job? That is what this project was about! The class had to decide what their dream job is and then explain what that job does and helps! We also had to explain why we wanted to be in that sort of environment/job. My dream job is to become a Pediatrician. I want to be a Pediatrician because I love to help others and I would like to be in the medical field. I loved this project and also the app because I got to learn about others' dream jobs and the app can be used for anything! You can add pictures, interesting backgrounds, and lots and lots of text!


Coding is a pretty hard job. Not many people perform this job either. This website is trying to promote the amount of coders in our nation's future. Coding on this website is targeted towards children. The makers of this website want children to get interested in this occupation, so that when it is time for them to go off and search for jobs, they may want to do this as a living! At the beginning of the Coding unit, I loved it! Levels for the program were pretty easy! Then, as the unit went on and I started to advance in the levels, it got more challenging and also more irritating. But overall, the Coding unit was a success!

Career Locker

Career Locker is an interesting website. It is not like any other website that I have visited! This website tells you about many many different occupations out there. Also, the site tells you interesting facts about the occupations. There are many quiz's that you can take and these quiz's help you to find what job you are interested in/good at! Although Career Locker is a helpful website, I am not a giant fan because there were many results that I didn't agree with.

Learn to Type

Learning to type at a young age is very important. There are a million jobs out there that involve typing. This typing website helps you to learn and memorize all of the typing skills. It is very informative and also very, very easy to use! I like to type and I got to do that every other day for 5 minutes! In, there are many different 'levels' or lessons. The first level is the beginners course. This course is the easiest and is for typers who are just starting to type. As the courses go on, the typing skills increase and become harder. After the beginners course is the intermediate course. This course is just a little bit harder than the others. Next is the advanced course. In this lesson, the skills are quite difficult. Lastly is the practice course. The practice course is obviously the hardest. It is like a wrap up of all of the skills and all of the new things that you learned during the program. I loved this website because it taught me lots, and lots of new, important things!!