The 50/50 Is The Key To Survival

By: Kamren Laymon

We Need Your Vote

The 50/50 is a project where we don't spend any money we just simply take it from where it is already being funded. We plan to take 50% of the money used to research climate change and put it towards different projects that will counter react the effects of climate change.

The 50/50

Tuesday, May 31st, 2pm

CDC Chem Dependency Counseling, Jacksonville, FL, United States

Jacksonville, FL

You don't need to bring anything but yourselves, this project will save many lives and will be doing so without taking any money from anybody. If you like staying alive and not spending money this is the place for you. All we need from you is your vote.


Our plan is to study the origin of climate change, we will find the eye of the storm and put the countermeasure in the center and set the device off. Doing this will release different chemicals in the atmosphere that will cancel out climate change. CO2, Methane ousted as worst global climate change chemicals, this means that the main cause of global warming is the amount of CO2 we are putting in the atmosphere if we can take a negative carbon dioxide emission or negative emission or a process that is carbon negative it will be used as a permanent removal of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from Earth's atmosphere. This will cancel out global warming and everyone will be safe again, so please vote for us.

We Are The 50/50

Help us get to the CDC to save not only your lives but your family's lives.
Climate Change Animation Shows Devastating Effects

We Can End This!