James S. Hirsch

Authors Purpose

The authors purpose was to entertain. He wanted to tell the emotional story of a man named Rubin Carter.

"Anyone curious about the persistence of carter's notoriety - or the accuracy of the movie- will find all the answers in Hurricane".


"In 1967, the black boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Catre and a young acquaintance, John Artis, were wrongly convicted of a triple murder by an all white jury in Paterson, New Jersey".


A - Danger on the street
B - Mystery witness
C - Force of Nature

Greatest Impression

In one section of the book that made an impression on me was where Rubin and John was brought to the hospital by an officer to be identified. They where being identified by a white man was wounded from a shoot out at a night, where a triple murder took place. What impressed me was the white man truthfully said Rubin and John was not the two black men who was at the night club and fleeing the scene after the shoot out. Also the man being white and the other two men being black, I thought he would of pend this on the two just because they where black, an they were who the officers had as suspects. But the man in the hospital was honest about and Rubin and John were free to go.


My rate on this book would be a 4.5. I chose that rating because the book kind of started off slow... Its an interesting book, just took some time to get into it. Someone who would enjoy this book would be, someone who is interested in autobiography, reading this about peoples background. Also those who are into the criminal justice field. that's what caught my attention to want to read it.


Passage 1: Pg. 94

Hooch; Prison wine, made of water, sugar, juice and yeast. Had to let it sit for awhile.

Passage 2: Pg. 94

They would Hide the hooch; Smelled bad.
I chose these passages because it made me wonder what hooch was. Not once would I have thought it would be some type of wine. Knowing that its prison wine, something they made on there own and knowing whats its made of, made me have a nasty sick feeling in my stomach.


The Book Monster by Walter Dean Myers