Digital Etiquette

By Chyna

what does it mean to have digital etiquette?

Its an idea of treating people fairly on the internet. By treating them nicely and kindly, no cyber-bullying in any way.

Everything will be tracked..

Be CAREFUL when on the internet.

Everything is tracked. Even if you delete your posts, comments, it would still be seen by other people so before you post, think. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to hurt anyone with social media.

If someone is not giving you Digital Etiquette..

Try not to confront them and start a feud. If they don't treat you right, then do not talk to them. They aren't worth your time. So ignore them, and move on is the best situation.

This goes for every social media site in general.

If you're new to the internet..

Welcome to the internet! Where you can keep in touch with friends and family online. Now when you start, It may seem a little confusing

what you must know

- do not talk to people you don't know

- Do not add people you don't know

-Do not spam because people will get very annoyed

that's all the tips!