Forged By Fire


What happened in Forged By Fire was a mix of emotions. The book started with a young boy by the age of three and his mother, she was a type of mother who didn't really care for her children. One day the young boy was all alone in the house he played with fire and then the house caught on fire.The young boy was giving to his aunt because the mother was sent to jail for leaving her son at the age three alone. Years went by the boy is now 11 years old living with a loving aunt was great for him, but it sadly didn't last long the boys mother who out of jail for a year and a half wanted to take her boy home with her boyfriend and her daughter. The boy moved in with them violence and abuse was filled in that home. The boy 17 and the girl 13 the stepfather tried to abuse the poor little girl and a fire stuck her father died but the children were safe and they were finally happy at the end.

Author Information

Sharon M. Draper is a author of books that are about real life situations. She was born in August 21,1948. She has gotten awards for her books. Her books are for middle school and elementary students. She is a six-time winner for an award called the Coretta Scott King about the African American experience. She was a teacher at first but she just felt it wasn't her type of job to do she mainly loved writing books therefore she became a author herself.

Description of Characters

Gerald was a young man that is strong,protective and caring for another.

Angel is a girl filled with hurt a past that haunts her but she found a light she is now happy, energetic, a little bit sad

Monique is a mother that is selfish, cares about herself, fakes like everything is okay but is not

Jordan he is an abuser, a mean person, a people that lives a crime life, hitting anyone that is in his way, filled with hate