The Leyend Pele!

By: Santiago Solarte


It all started the 23rd of October 1940. When Edson Do Nascimento was born. He was born in a little town in Brazil called Tres Coracoes. He at first did not even wanted to be a soccer player. He played soccer but for fun. At first he wanted to be a pilot until he saw something that terrorised him. He went to the piloting arts school and that afternoon he saw a pilot crash. After that moment he decided he wanted to be a soccer player. So he started training. But his family could not afford training lessons.

The Youth Team

Since Pele's family was very poor he couldn't afford soccer classes. He started to brainstorm ideas of how to train. Until one day he came from school he got a awsome idea. There was this player, Waldemar de Brito, who retired. Pele asked him if he could be the trainer for himself and his friends. He agreed to do it because he understand the need of poor kid to play soccer. Pele got super excited. But he still had one issue. He wanted training uniforms. So he proposed an idea of stealing peanuts from a store market outside of town. They did it and started selling them in their city. They played tournaments and then people started watching him for good.

The Promise

In the world cup 19 Brasil was amongst the favorite teams to win again the world cup. Brasil did not ended up winning the world cup. But atleast Brasil got to the final. They lost and all of Pele's family and friends were super sad and angry. They were primarly angry because they knew Brasil had the team to win but did not use well the team. Since Pele's dad was super sad Pele promised him something. Pele told his dad that once he become a soccer player he would win his dad the World Cup. Since then he trained super hard. He did not stop until he achieved his goal. And eventually he did it.

The Begining

After a while of being trained and watched by Waldemar de Brito, Waldemar decided it was time to take a next step. Waldemar wanted Pele to make tryouts for Santos team. But her mom did not wanted that. So after a couple days Waldemar and Pele's dad came and convince Pele's mom. She eventually agreed that Pele made tryouts. That weekend Waldemar and Pele took a bus to Sao Paulo. On the trip to Sao Paulo Waldemar gave Pele some tips. He told him that he should not let himself get persuaded by girls, alcohol or smoking. That all of this stuff makes every player bad in every player. They finally got there.

Tryouts they finally got there they went to the Santo's training camps. For a while he trained with the under-18 players. The inferiors. He was so good he also practiced with the real team. Although he was very good they told him he had to put on more muscle because he was super thin. Because in the games he always got dragged. He could not handle the strength of other rival players. Before entering the sub-16 team he had a problem. During a tryout game he missed a penalty and decided to leave the team. But Santos did not let him. Santos knew that Pele had the capability to be one of the best players.

1283 goals!!!

In 1977 Pele beated a world record. He scored 1283 goals in his whole career. Pele has been the only player in history to score so many goals. Pele has been an idol to everyone since achieving this record. Pele has scored more goals than alot of leyends like, Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo, Cruyff and more! He has recieved a ot of acknowledgements during his career. After he retired he got some too. He has recieved the person of the world award. This award is given after people look up to someone alot. Pele is the best.

Waldemar de Brito was a Brazilian soccer player that played for clubs from Argentina and Brazil. Waldemar was born on May 17 1913. He is mainly known for "discovering" Pele. He was Pele's trainer when Pele was a kid. We can say that thanks to Waldemar Pele is what he is today. After Waldemar retired he wanted to start scouting young stars. In 1954 he spotted a kid named, Edson. As we know him, Pele. He had a vison that Pele could become one of the world's best players. That was Waldemar, he affected Pele's life because thanks to him he become what he was!


Pele's dad also was a soccer player. His dad's name was João Ramos do Nascimento. Also known as Dondinho. He was born on October 2, 1917 and died on November 16, 1996. He played for Atletico Mineiro, Bauru, and Fluminese. He was a very sucsesfull player. He scored 893 goals in 775 appearences. Dondinho affected Pele in his life because he was the only member in his family wich supported his soccer. His mom did not like him that he played. His mom sayed that playing soccer did not gain you enough money to stable a family. She said it was just a pastime.


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