Third Grade Rocks

Folsom ES February 16th-19th

Book Fair Volunteers Needed

We always need lots of help from volunteers during Book Fair for set up, student preview, decorating and clean-up. If you are willing to help out please sign up here!


This week students will continue to study shapes and their attributes. A main focus will be to identify the different types quadrilaterals by their attributes including parallel lines, right angles, vertices, and sides.

Continued support with multiplication facts is needed to be fluent in math computation. Mixed reviews will be practiced. Please use flash cards or study devices to review and study facts.

Think Through Math

You will need your child's login and password. INDEPENDENT WORK PLEASE!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Our new unit will be focusing on Drama and the unique characteristics of plays and dialogue. The elements of drama will include acts, characters, dialogue, and stage directions. We will also be focusing on how to read with inflection and expression like the author intended the characters to sound like.


Students will be using this week in writing to go through the writing process of creative writing for a special treat you will see at Open House.


This week we are learning how the syllable juncture vcv can be long or short vowel sounds in the first syllable such as human (long-u) and never (short-e). The best way to help your child decode this and spell it correctly is to have them try the long sound first because this is most common. Then if that doesn't make a real word, try out the short sound. Another way to make a long vowel sound in the first syllable is by having a vowel team in the first syllable, vvcv such as reason.


Students will be using data collected last week to see patterns that help meterologist predict the weather. Students will take the test over weather on Friday.

Words to know:


Air Temperature

Wind Direction


Cardinal Directions

Rain gauge

Wind vane

Social Studies

Quote of the week: “If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress” Frederick Douglass

Students will be finishing our unit on American hero's for civil rights. Students will understand that individuals and groups' decisions or actions can result in change for the local community, state or national level. This week we will focus on Frederick Douglass and Jackie Robinson.