CDD'S Events

By: Courtney Dudensing

New Thing, New Sport, New Injuries?

When starting a new sport, somewhere down the line someone will more in likely get injured, right? Whether it is breaking a leg, an ankle, a wrist, an arm, etc... We all want to be successful and not be "riding the bench." Well, sports medicine doctors and just your average doctors have came out with this new technique called braces. Teens and athletes can use these braces to help prevent injuries in all of the weaker parts of our bones. It helps the bones that have broken down the nutrients that it needs, to rebuild itself by protecting the surface of the outside. When not using these braces, the athlete is more in likely to break some type of bone or tear some type of ligament. Doing basketball for my first time ever, I have learned that it is better to be prepared and protected, then not to be at all. A lot of athletes hate to wear ankle braces and any type of brace, but if not wearing one, it is jeopardizing your playing time. Take it from the players this season not being able to play because of a broken foot. Their words exactly, "It sucks." The brace(s) is always recommended when playing sports to help prevent injuries or further injuries

Dark Night

Have you ever had one of those crazy nights? The night that you want to keep reliving day after day? It was the month of October; Lickskillet night. A couple of friends and I were out on the square rummaging around; buying drinks and snacking on barbecue. We had wanted to do something fun, so we had decided to go to the cemetery. We were walking along the back roads pushing and shoving; just being our normal selves. At that time, we didn't have a care in the world, until we had ran into her... The dog lady... Scared out of our minds, we flashed past her vehicle quickly; trying to escape and not allow her to see us. We were afraid at that time that she would try to shoot us with her shotgun. She was known to pull her gun out on children. Running and Sprinting as fast we could, we came to a stop; all out of breath, breathing heavily, trying to catch the air back into our lungs. After we were all winded, the laughing and giggling bursted through my ears. It was the most joyful noise anyone could hear. It was a night that know one could forget because that night we were all ourselves.

A Girls Day Out

It was one of those days where I had woken up and felt amazing. It was the day that I felt inspiration. Walking out of my home, I could feel the sun beaming down on my tanned skin. It was warm, but not to hot either. I had gone up to my mother and told her that it was a great day to go shopping. We left and went to Downtown Brenham; walking around the old antique square. Throwing and trying on clothes; I couldn't find that one outfit that fit perfectly. Going into almost every store, my eyes scanned every outfit, but nothing seemed quite right... All the outfits were too big or too small, or they just didn't look good. Quickly thinking, I had told her that we could go to the mall instead. Going back into the truck and driving another forty-five minutes down the road, our destination was on the right. Searching once again, for that one piece of clothing, my eyes had found it. After I had tried it on, it was a perfect fit. That long, exhausting day of shopping, we had found the perfect outfit for the fair.
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