My Personal Creed

I Believe In...

The Truth What I Believe To Be True about Me...

My special destiny is being a mental health therapist. I want to make the world a better place. I am willing to fight for what I want and be the person I would want my kids to be. I want a career that will not only help me better others but also better myself. I think that my special career would involve me putting in 100% of my time and effort. I am myself and I will make my life memorable.
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Life Is A Flower

Life is like a flower to me. Sometimes flowers can be pretty and bright but other times flowers will be ugly and dull you almost forget that there flowers. Every flower has an impact weather its good or a bad one. I want to be a flower that has a good impact on people. overstep i will take will be to better myself and my future. I will be a flower that stays positive and leaves a good impact on others lives.

I will serve the world positively ...

I see The world as a beautiful place with negative people. If you stay positive your life will be more stress free and leave a better impact on yourself and others.I believe that if you work hard your get where you wanna be instead of being looked at negatively. I live positively and laid back. The world needs to be more positive. I will help make the world positive. I will help the world have unity.
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