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Lindbergh Early Childhood Education

August 7, 2023






LECE Family Information Packet

Our Family Information Packet is very helpful in knowing what to expect in your child's classroom. It will remain linked to the s'more throughout the year.
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ECE School Safety Updates - repeated from August 1, 2023

Our students’ safety is our first priority at ECE Center and ECE West. As school safety practices continue to evolve, we are changing our practice of issuing access cards to families, and all current access cards will be deactivated by the end of the day on Aug. 4. This change will allow us to protect students by more closely controlling the individuals who enter our buildings. We appreciate your patience and assistance with this important improvement to our overall school safety.

Please take note of the entry and exit process for each building, which will begin on Aug. 7 for ECE Center, and Aug. 22 at ECE West.

  1. Everyone will be ID'd at a single entry/exit point. Retractable barriers will direct families to the reception desk in each building.

  1. At ECE Center, families will be able to wash their hands or use the restroom with their student before entering the hallways. Parents should wait until their student is ready to go down the hallway, and is with them, to have their ID scanned.

  2. ECE staff must scan a driver’s license or state issued ID in Badge Pass to approve entry for all adults who enter the building. Please note that this is a districtwide requirement in every Lindbergh school, even for parents and adults who we recognize. Badge Pass approval takes fewer than 6 seconds for any person who is previously registered.

  3. Badge Pass keeps our students safe by scanning for specific safety-related risks associated with each individual. This includes, but is not limited to, the Missouri sexual offender registry, child custody alerts, local safety alerts, individuals who are not permitted on Lindbergh campuses, and other circumstances as needed.

  4. When you are ready to exit the building, the front desk staff will disable the alarm so that you may exit.

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we work to keep students safe at all times and provide a secure learning environment for all ECE children.

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher Night is on August 17, from 5:00-6:00. You will also be able to meet the indispensable Facilitators and Paraprofessionals that work beside the teachers each day. Again this year, there will be 15 minute segments of time where you and your child will come into the classroom to meet your classroom staff members. It is a small group, and just designed for meeting the staff and seeing the classroom.

Meet the Teacher starts at 5:00 pm in order to accommodate families who have siblings in elementary schools, (where Meet the Teacher starts later). Please follow the schedule below. If you have a conflict, please let your teacher know and come at a different time slot.

Students with Last Names Starting with the Letters A-G: 5:00-5:15

Students with Last Names Starting with the Letters H-O: 5:20-5:35

Students with Last Names Starting with the Letters P-Z: 5:40-5:55

What Should Your Child Bring to School?

We do not ask that any family bring school supplies. Your child's classroom will have all of the supplies needed. If you would like to bring a box of facial tissues you may do so. During the cold and flu season, we usually put out a request for tissues at some point in each room.

Security item - Child are sometimes more easily able to adapt to the change in routine or separation from their family with an item that gives them security. This includes items like a small blanket, small stuffed animal, or a picture of the family. You can personalize this to your child, but please make sure that the item is not disruptive, such a toy or something large.

Quiet time item - If your child has a nap period, or rest time, please bring a crib or twin sheet, travel size pillow and a throw size (or smaller) blanket for rest time. This will keep your child comfortable and feeling secure during rest time. These items will be sent home for cleaning weekly in their backpack or bag. The items used for nap need to fit into the backpack, there is limited storage space in their classroom cubby.

Spare clothes - Accidents happen at preschool. It could be a bathroom accident or an accidental spill that has your child needing a fresh change or clothes and/or shoes. Remember to keep these updated seasonally, and by size, as time goes by.

Book bag/Backpack - Your child may bring a bag of some type to carry home art work or other items that they acquire during their day. Please make sure the the backpack is not too large for your child to manage independently, and please no bags with wheels. The wheels damage many items that they come into contact with.