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Panther Newsletter -- October 10, 2014

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Principal's Welcome

Dear Parent/Guardian:

I’m looking forward to having a school newsletter so we can share all the wonderful activities happening at Springfield. There are so many exciting events coming this year that I want to keep you informed about, so please check out the Principal's Corner later in the newsletter.

It’s definitely going to be an exciting year!

Scott Davis


Upcoming October Events

10/5 Giant A+ rewards begins. No need to re-register; for new registrations go to: Giant A+

10/13 Fiscal Oversight Subcommittee meeting 9am in the District Office

10/13 SEPTA Meeting in the Springfield Elementary Library at 12:10pm. All are welcome! Agenda includes a rep from Source4Teachers discussing substitute aids & secretaries.

10/15 Regular Board Meeting, 7:30pm, PHS Library

10/15 Picture Re-take day

10/16 Free & Reduced Lunch Application due

10/17 Race for Education: K(am)-2nd gr, 9:30-10:30am / K(pm) & 3rd-5th gr, 1:30-2:30pm

10/28 Deadline for Box Top & Labels for Education Fall Submission

10/31 Springfield Elementary Halloween parade, 2:15pm followed by class parties

Did You Know?

  • Soup is offered in the cafeteria beginning this month
  • Parents are welcome to attend assemblies and join their children for lunch
  • Clearances get returned to Susan Keogh in the District office
  • Emailed after-school pick-up notices should be received by Mrs. Burns by 3pm. You should receive a short confirmation response. If you don't, please call her to confirm

Race for Education

Friday, Oct. 17th, 9:30am

Springfield Elementary School Field

Come join our kids to be healthy & raise money for our school at the same time! Please dress your children appropriately and send a water bottle with them for the race.

Specific race times are: K(am)-2nd grade, 9:30-10:30am /

K(pm) & 3rd-5th grade, 1:30-2:30pm

Mystery Artwork

Ask your child if they can find their art in the pictures below. This is just some of the artwork that the children have created already this year!


Please fill out the Act 24 clearance form if you plan on visiting the school or volunteering in the classrooms this year. You also need Act 34 & Act 151 if you plan to chaperone a field trip. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. For more specific information click: Clearances. Submit the results to: Susan Keogh, District Office, Palisades School District, 39 Thomas Free Drive, Kintnersville, PA 18930.

Elementary School Closure Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 5th, 6pm

Palisades High School (Library), Church Hill Road, Kintnersville

The newly formed Facilities Building Use Study Ad Hoc Committee was created to determine if one of the District's three elementary schools should be closed due to low enrollment. To contribute your thoughts on this topic please plan to attend their next meeting on November 5th from 6-7pm in the PHS Library.

-- Kudos --

100-Step Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Amelia S.--first to reach the 100-step challenge this year! Yay!
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Summer 100-step Challenge

Congratulations to those students who read 100 Steps over the summer:

Grade 1

William Z., Jared N., Mason B., Wesley D., Gianna N., Dylan V., Megan R., Louden H.

Grade 2

Johonna S., Gavin Y., Ben F., Lukas B., Olivia O.

Grade 4

Joseph Z., Michael Z., Melissa R., Jordan M.

-- 100 Step Reading "Roof" Challenge --

Springfield students have been challenged by Mr. Davis to read 100 steps (25 hours) by mid-May. If each student reaches this goal, Mr. Davis will pitch a tent and sleep one night on the roof!

  • What? The 100 Step Reading Challenge is a school-wide reading initiative. One step is equal to 15 minutes of independent reading. The “Step” program allows students to read at their own reading level.
  • How? Students should log their reading and hand the completed sheets to classroom teachers. Reading logs can be obtained from teachers, the 100 Step Bulletin Board outside of the library, or by clicking the following link: Reading Logs
  • Why? Research has shown that, “Students who read independently become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge than those who do not (Krashen, Cunningham and Stanovich 1993).

The Springfield staff has also been participating in the Reading Challenge. They are setting a great example for students. Please contact Mrs. McKenney at kmckenney@palisadessd.org for further questions. Happy Reading!

Panthers Are Worthy Students (PAWS)

Here at Springfield Elementary School, students work on making positive choices throughout each and every school day. The PAWS program focuses on four character traits; respect, caring, responsibility, and honesty. Students are able to earn a PAWS ticket by displaying any of the four character traits throughout the school day. The goal is for each student to understand what each character trait looks like, feels like, and sounds like. Every two weeks four PAWS tickets are drawn & each winner is recognized during morning announcements and/or a Panther Pride assembly. Winners have the opportunity to choose from a selection of rewards.

Congratulations to those students who have won PAWS Awards so far this year!

Left to right in photo below: Galen L., Cameron H., Kathleen A., Josh H., Jon S., Kyli J., Haley Sb., & Aubrey B. Amy T. is not pictured.

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Summary of Board Meeting on October 1st

Springfield Elementary-related topics:

1. Mrs. Cuff (Librarian), Mrs. Jefferson (Spanish teacher), & Mrs. Becker (PAL teacher) were acknowledged for their completion of the Google Educator Certification. They are now our Google for Education Tech leaders and will be completing 150 hours as tech leaders advising on technology in our building.

2. The Education subcommittee meeting will be held 10/8/14 at 7pm in the Audion at PHS. Agenda includes a language arts curriculum review and a student achievement data presentation.

3. Another bus will be put into the routing system by October 13th to shorten the time for students on Bus 12 to return home.

4. A transportation hotline has been set up so you can call if you are unsure your bus is late: 610-847-5131, ext. 4300

5. The next Facilities Building Use Study Committee Meeting will be held 11/5/14 at 6pm in the PHS library. This newly developed subcommittee was put together to review the closing of one of the district's three Elementary schools. Agenda includes discussion on hiring a company to complete a demographic study & it's relevance at this time.

5. Dr. O'Connell was selected as one of the top 5 superintendents in the country. Find out more at: Bammy or in this article. Follow her on her new blog for all types of special interest stories and educational issues.

For more meeting information, contact Tamara Rambo at tamararambo7@gmail.com


SEPTA (Springfield Elementary Parent Teacher Alliance) raises funds for many school needs that are not covered by standard school funding. BUT, SEPTA is way more than just fundraising! Our goal is to ensure our children get an exceptional education and the support they need while doing it. Additionally, we keep our members informed of school issues so that they can be aware of and participate in decision-making for establishing school policy. Remember, all parents & guardians of Springfield Elementary students are members of SEPTA--so let's get involved!

2014/2015 SEPTA Officers:

President: Jill Triani, Front Left in photo

Vice President: Tamara Rambo, Front Right in photo


Treasurer: Lyla Cookson, Back Left in photo


Secretary: Jen Keller, Back Right in photo


Principal's Corner

Here are some things I'm excited about for the upcoming year:

· Federal funding for Title 1 Reading support which allowed us to hire an additional reading teacher & two assistants

· Sleeping on the roof if all students meet 100-step Reading Challenge goal by mid-May.

· School programs & activities helping students develop positive relationships with each other & their teachers such as:

  • The Positive Panther program, recognizing students who display good character & make good choices
  • Classroom ambassador program
  • Bus ambassador program
  • Student Council
  • The new gardening committee--helping our students learn to compost, build bird houses, plant flowers, grow and then eat vegetables like tomatoes & green beans.
  • Building an outdoor classroom in the courtyard by the art room with Home Depot.

To keep things running smoothly, here are a couple of things I'd like you to be aware of:

· A proposed automated calling system will notify you when your child has been marked absent from school and remind you to turn in a written and signed absence excuse within 3 days. More information is available in the Parent Handbook under Attendance.

· Visitors & volunteers must sign in at the main office & show a picture ID. Clearances are required for the two different levels of volunteers. Clearance forms, and an explanation of the volunteer levels are available here: Clearance Forms

Thank you,

Scott Davis

Principal, Springfield Elementary


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Stay Tuned!

There's so much great stuff going on at school that we can't fit it all in one newsletter! Look for another newsletter in two weeks for these topics:

Bus Ambassadors

Permanent Art Collection

Soup details

and much more...

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