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The week of 4/26/15

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What is happening at the Heights...

April 28 - Flex Benefits sign-ups @ FHES from 8-3:30 pm

April 29 - WIX Trip to Knght's Stadium

April 29 - Pre K to First in Flight

April 29 - Teacher MTSS work session from 3-4 (media center)

April 30 - Gaston County Museum of Art & History in Kindergarten

April 30 - Roo Visit's our students at 1:45 (Promo for our skate night event)

April 30 - Kate's Skate Night

May 1 - Elementary School Benchmarks begin

May 4 - Retention Meetings for any teacher/student that has not had a parent meeting or contact with signed letter.

May 4 - SIT meeting (Tentative)

May 4 - K-9 Sweep (Police Officer)

May 12 - BT File Audit

May 13 - 5th Grade Career Fair; 8:30am – 10:30am

May 14 - Family Fun Night

May 21 - Cardinal of the Month

May 22 - GCS Job Fair

May 25 - Memorial Day Holiday

May 27 - Reading EOG @ Forest Heights

May 28 - Math EOG @ Forest Heights

May 29 - Science EOG @ Forest Heights

June 4 - 3rd Grade Reading Retest

June 8-9 Awards and Graduation

June 10 - Last Day of School

June 12 - Flexible Benefits enrollment closes

July 6 - August 6 - Y-Readers Camp

August 11-12 - Teaching and Learning Conference @ Gaston College

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Read Virtual Meeting in full

The PD survey link will be added soon!

Testing Schedules:

  • mCLASS EOY Testing: May 1 - May 21
  • STAR Testing: May 4 - 20
  • AMC: May 1 - 21
  • EOG Testing: May 26-29

Teachers we will provide teacher specific detailed testing schedules by May 1st.

Thinking Of You

Forest Heights Family:

Please keep the family of Pam Greenlee in your thoughts and prayers as she is out on Monday and Tuesday with her mother who suffered a heart attack on Friday night. Ms. Greenlee reported that her mom had artery blockage and has had a stent inserted. Pam is always there for each of us when we deal with life's ups and downs so make sure you show our support.

Secondly, Claire Child is continuing to deal with very serious illness. We would like to let her know that she is very much still a part of our Forest Heights Family and wish her well with her upcoming procedure.

Make sure that you see someone from our social committee to see how you can help brighten someone's day.

Watch Dr. Goins in the classroom at FHES (short clip)

Dr Goins @ FHES March 2015

Earth Day 2015

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Forest Heights and Hunter Huss Unite

Mrs. Branch and Ms. Hill classes came together with the Huskie FTA (Future Teachers of America) to have an Earth Day Celebration on Wednesday, 4/22. The students learned about recycling and recyclable materials, made shakers, earth paintings, along with other fun.

Come out and support your teammate as she works on a grad school project

Click on Summer Kelly's flyier below for more information.


Raising Test Scores: What Teachers Can Do

  • Greet your students at the door when they enter your classroom. Be at the door when they leave. Say goodbye with a positive comment.
  • Put a "word for the day" on the board. A word which is in the lesson. Give the meaning and have students use the word in a sentence. Everyday.
  • Give your students lots of in-school reading practice. Research clearly shows there is a direct correlation between in-school reading practice and gains in reading comprehension and gains on achievement tests. Students who receive an hour each day of in-school reading practice achieve comprehension growth at twice the rate of national norms…particularly among students who have below average reading ability. Reading is the single most important academic skill a student needs to be successful in school.
  • A student who reads for recreation 15 minutes a day will increase 2 NCE points on an achievement test. Your students should always have a library book in their possession and should read one book every week for recreation. You’ll see an increase in academic performance in social studies, language arts, science and math! Sell recreational reading!
  • You, the teacher, should be a reader. You should read at least one book a week. Talk about what you read with your students and show your students the book you’re reading. Show excitement and enthusiasm! This one single act, alone, will raise test scores.
  • No student is born wanting to read. You must instill the love for reading by example and by seeing that your students read. This technique is crucial to increasing achievement test scores.
  • Expect success from all your students. All kids can learn and all kids can learn at much higher levels than they do now. Never be afraid of teaching over their head. Never be afraid your tests are too difficult. Stretch their comfort zone!
  • Commend a different student everyday… for some accomplishment, even though it may be small. Have a "special student award." Categories may include: "most improved," "most caring," "student who read the fastest on the speed drill," etc. Have a special student award daily or weekly.
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New Dates for Teaching & Learning Conference 2015

New Dates for Teaching & Learning Conference 2015

The new dates for the annual Gaston County Schools Teaching & Learning Conference are August 11-12 at Gaston College -- make sure to update your calendar! (The original dates were August 5-6.) The Teaching and Learning Conference is an outstanding professional development event for teachers and school employees and helps us to get the new school year off to a great start. Make plans to attend!

April Birthdays

Savonne Roberts Birthday April 1st

Stephanie Watt's Birthday April 4th

Barbara Putnam's Birthday April 9th

Let me know:

I am sure that you all have very interesting stories to tell about things you are doing. Please email me newsletter worthy information so that we can share with our staff.