By: Daniel Kimball

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was a secret network used by slaves to escape from slavery into freedom. First created (and used) by Harriet Tubman, a lady who played a big role in freedom, took over 300 slaves through this route. The Underground Railroad is actually not train tracks but it had different stops for slaves to stay overnight and get supplies.

From Captivity To Freedom

100's of years before slaves became free they were captured in Africa By European trading ships. They them were brought to America and put into slavery for many families with large farms or plantations. Life was very brutal. They were beat and hurt all the time. Years Later in the North "The Union" a man named Abraham Lincoln issued a document called the Emancipation Proclamation. This proclamation was issued to try to end slavery. Unfortunately it did not, but it did allow black men and women to fight in the Union Army. All these soldiers eventually lead the Union to beating the south to end slavery!

Some Difference Makers In Slavery

The Importance Of Music

Music for the slaves was very important. First of all it boosted there spirits just listening to the lovely tones and also hearing the hidden codes that showed them hope for freedom. Slaves also enjoyed music because it was almost like a map in the song. The lyrics would tell them where to go to become free.

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