classical concert 25/10/2015

program: Handel,Kreisler, Chopin,Schumann, Piazzola

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Anita Lee- violin

Natalia Czerska-Kacprzak- viola

Ralitsa Obretenova- piano

Music teachers from the CAIS would like to organize and play at the concert on the 25/10/2015 at 3 pm at Concert Hall of the Bole Music School in Changchun. The purpose of the concert is to raise the money from the ticket sell ( price for the ticket is around 80 or 100 RMB) and fully donate it for the autistic children in Changchun. The full detail of the foundation will be provided upon request.

The concert hall at Bole audience space ranges around 80 sits. Cais teachers would be offered 40 tickets for sell and the rest of the 40 tickets would be offered for the friends of the Bole School ( since there is no charge for hiring a concert hall)