MLB Player

By Gavin Manenti

3 tasks required to be an MLB Player

To become an MLB player you have to be willing to work hard, have skill at baseball, and try your best.

3 Skills required to be an MLB player

To be an MLB star you have to have a good arm, be able to hit the ball, and you have to be able to keep your temper in check.

Do you have to be educated to play in the MLB?

No, you not have to be educated to play in the MLB you just have to be good at the game.

How much do you get payed to play in the MLB?

The median wage is around $50,000 dollars a year. If you're really good then you can get payed up to $500,000 dollars a year.

What do MLB players do when they retire from the MLB?

If your really good you stop working because you have enough money too. If you don't have a ton of money and you are educated you can work at any job that will really accept you. If your not educated you can go back to school or find another non-educated job.
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