Decisions! Decisions! Decide!

Kindle Fire or Tablet?


The first thing I need to do is to define the decision. The decision I am making is whether to buy the Kindle Fire or a different tablet. They are both tablets, so they will both fulfill my need. My choice is which one will be better for me.

Estimate Resources

My next step is to evaluate the resources available to me. I have $150 now in my savings. I have my mom to drive me to the store and I have a computer to shop online. I can look online at reviews and see what other customers thought about each product. I also have a bank to use if I decide that I don’t want either product. I can save my money for something better.

Consider Alternatives

After I estimated my resources, I am now going to consider my alternatives. I can buy a rebuilt Kindle Fire for $130 at Best Buy. Another choice I have is to buy a d2 Pad Android 4.1 7" tablet from Big Lots for $90. I know that the Kindle can search online, play games, and store books. The tablet can play games and search online as well. I know people who have the Kindle Fire, but I do not know anyone with that brand tablet.


After I considered my alternatives, I gathered information. I searched online and looked for cheaper tablets and sales on the Kindle Fire. I also checked reviews from other people on the quality of both products. The cheaper tablet had a review of 4 out of 5 stars and I found it for $56 with free shipping. The only problem is that there were only 9 reviews, so there are not many opinions. The Kindle Fire also had a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, but there were over 8,000 reviews, so there are a lot of opinions to go by.


After gathering information I felt like I was ready to make my decision. I decided to buy the Kindle Fire. I chose the Kindle Fire because I knew a lot of people who had one and loved it and I had enough money to buy one. Also, some tablets require a media plan and Kindle Fires do not. I will also have enough money left over to buy a few aps.


I chose to buy the Kindle Fire and I think it was a good choice. I can search online, play games and read books on it. I had enough money for it and I really enjoy it. In the future I will use the 4H decision making process to help me make decisions.