The MOORE Family

New Year's Day PARTY

It's The Moore Family After-Christmas Party!

On The Menu

BBQ Plus+++

Debbie: Mac-n-cheese and Fruit Salad

Deann: Relish Tray and Deviled Eggs

Denise: Cupcakes and all the fun stuff to decorate them with!

Josh: Salad

David: Drinks

Friday, Jan. 1st 2016 at 6pm

8045 Trailwood Court, Florence, KY, United States

Jeff and Sherry's House

Pleasant Valley to Pleasant Valley Meadows enter on Woodcreek, Take first right on Heatherwood, then at the first stop sign turn right on Trailwood Ct.. The driveway is down at the end of the culd-e-sac on the left. The house sits back from the street on a flag lot.

The Presents and Gift Exchange!!!

This year the ADULTS will each bring ONE new book, movie, or CD that they loved and would recommend for someone within the family to read, watch, or listen to. We will exchange our gifts...and be able to steal!

The kids will still draw names. Their gifts ($15-$20) will need to have the 'Snowy Day' Theme. So think of something fun and enjoyable that could be done or used on a snow day. Some examples include, snow gear, sleds, movie, game, book, drawing supplies. Below are the results of the name drawing.

  • Benji buys for Kelsey
  • Jaxon buys for Livia
  • Annabelle buys for Mallory
  • Jensyn buys for Mason
  • Maddox buys for Benji
  • Mason buys for Jensyn
  • Mallory buys for Jaxon
  • Kelsey buys for Annabelle
  • Livia buys for Maddox