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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Thinking from the Southside ABRI Team

The following thoughts and ideas came from our ABRI team meeting on April 30th::

- Thoughts and ideas from the committee members about ELA Instruction based on

the Analysis of ELA Tiered Instruction: (See link below for Analysis of Tiered Instruction)

  • Adding TIE time for reading
  • Extra support for upper grade levels
  • Set time for ELA instruction
  • Relating to Core ELA time: More training and a more detailed ELA plan (in black and white...not necessarily a program) to guide instruction
  • PD on how to use the Descartes (now Continuum of Learning) to guide instruction
  • With WTW, making sure instruction is happening in all classes
  • Vertical discussion to know how students were taught in the previous year
  • More strategies to teach the components of reading
  • It was stated that in the past, RR teachers has compiled a list of reading strategies from CIM and gave a copy to each teacher. Ms. Logsdon said she would be willing to do this again, if needed.
  • Ideas needed to help students develop a love for literacy and create a positive literacy environment in the school
  • Discussion on making sure students have books in their hands (even during the summertime)
  • Develop district-wide events like Battle of the Books. This competition is held in neighboring districts. Ms. Roos and Ms. Tamer agreed to research this idea to see if this is something that could be implemented in the future.

ABRI Coding Thursday, May 7

Part of our involvement with ABRI is collecting data that will help us to best meet our students' academic and behavioral needs. We have analyzed our MAP data and have begun our work to redesign our Core ELA instruction to make it more effective in meeting the needs of more of our students. In doing so, we will need to serve fewer students in Tier 2, but with increased intentionality and prescriptive focus.

This Thursday, a team of "coders" from UL will be visiting classrooms to gather data on student engagement and rigor. This is a routine that ABRI uses to provide data to our staff and help us to analyze where we are with engagement and rigor and begin to plan next steps. Please carry on as you normally do in your classroom--the purpose is to get a "real" snapshot of classrooms to move us to our next steps!


  • Grades 3-5 homeroom teachers and all accommodators please to go to Santina's office sometime Monday to pick up their testing manual(s). They are on the coffee table in her office.
  • Please remember that walls (inside the classroom and outside the classroom) must be content-free by May 6.
  • Grades 3-5 and any teacher that works with Grades 3-5, a printed copy of your lesson plans are due to Santina by May 6 for the week of May 11-15.

Tiger Academy SHINES

Tiger Academy recently received a 5 star rating during an onsite visit. Joy Royalty, SCPS Afterschool Care director wrote to Lisa Bruner in an email:

Congratulations Lisa!!!!! And Tiger Staff

This is the highest STARS rating I have ever seen in 24 years in childcare! Lisa--I know how much love and effort you bring to our Tigers-- this just affirms what we already knew--Tiger Academy ROARS!

We are all so thankful for the quality of care that Tiger Academy provides for our students. Way to Go, Lisa Bruner and the ENTIRE Tiger Academy Staff!

CIITS Password

On May 13th you will be prompted to change your CIITS password.

The user’s password must be 8 characters with 2 special characters.

Summer Math PD at UL

University of Louisville is offering a week long summer workshop to dive deeper into the concept of Number and Algebra for elementary teachers. This would be an "on your own" opportunity, but could be used for personalized PD credit (6 hours). The presenters are well known and have continued VanDeWalle's developmental work at UL.
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This Week at Southside


  • Monday: Letters of Appreciation from Students
  • Tuesday: Teacher Jeans Day with Favorite Color Shirt
  • Wednesday: Staff Luncheon by PTO
  • Thursday: Sweet Treat from Students
  • Friday:
2:00 Blizzards on the Library Patio (1:50 Students to Gym)

Monday, May 4


TPGES Summative Conferences (Burkhardt and Mornar)

2:45 Tiger Trails and Boys Boot Camp

Tuesday, May 5

All Day: PTO Officer and Parent SBDM Election (front office)

11:30 FRC Advisory Meeting (Conference Room)

2:45 NO Staff Meeting--a bit of extra time to feel appreciated this week!

(ECE and RA staff have PLC--Will work on "Rain Check" for a staff meeting)

4:00 Lighthouse Team Covey Coach Conference Call (library)

Wednesday, May 6

Welcome Back, Krista Hardesty!

Susie OUT--District Admin. Team Meeting

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon from PTO

7:45-9:10 90 minute Passage Based On Demand practice 5th grade (ALL 5th grade accommodators needed.)

1:15-2:15 REMIX Assembly for KPREP (Gym)

3:00 Makenzi Hunter Baby Shower (Library)

Thursday, May 7

Planning: Data Teams in classrooms

Friday, May 8

7:40 Morning Meeting

8:00 Proficiency Under Construction Grades 4, and 5

10:00Proficiency Under Construction Grade 3 (This will simulate our schedule next week!)

1:50 Bring student to gym


May 11-15 KPREP Window for Grades 3, 4, and 5

May 19 Election Day--No School

May 21 3rd Grade Art with Heart Community Event (6:00)

May 22 3rd Grade Art with Heart School Showcase (Media Center)

May 25 Memorial Day--No School

May 26 SSE Field Day

May 27 Perfect Attendance Lunch

5th Grade Public Library Presentation (1:00-Gym)

K-4 Public Library Presentation (1:30-Gym)

May 28 5th Grade Graduation (Centenary Methodist Church)

May 29 SSE Awards Day (Gym)

Final Day for Students

June 1 Closing Day--Finishing up record keeping, classroom cleaning and checkout

June 2, 3 and 4: Curriculum Professional Learning -- Likely with a Google focus

June 5: ELA Core Instruction