Whitney Wolves Weekly Update

Do your best, always! 6/4/2021

Upcoming Events

6/11 Field Day (students and staff only)

6/14 Early Release

6/15 Early Release, Report Cards go home

6/16 Early Release (remote), last day of school

Field Day

Friday, 6/11 is Field Day! Please pack your student a towel, sneakers, plenty of water, and put sunscreen on before leaving for school in the morning. We are looking forward to a fun day!

Remote students will have activities posted that they can complete during the day.

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iPad Collection

In-Person students' iPads will be collected on Thursday, June 10. On Wednesday, June 9, please follow the directions above to clear your child's iPad for distribution.

Remote learner's iPads can be turned in at the following times:

Monday, June 14th: 9am-2pm

Tuesday, June 15th: 9am-2pm

Wednesday, June 16th: 9am-2pm

Thursday, June 17th: 9am-12pm

Friday, June 18th: 9am-12pm

Please note, your students will have live lessons through Tuesday, June 15th and will be expected to log-in to these lessons. Please plan your iPad drop-off accordingly. Please make sure your child's iPad has been cleared using the above directions prior to returning.

Supply Drop-Off

Supply Drop-Off continues through next Friday. There are boxes set up outside the front door to Eli Whitney. Library books, art and math kits and hot spots need to be returned by June 11.

Virtual Art Festival

Join us in celebrating original student work at this year’s Virtual Arts Festival.

Virtual Arts Festival 2021

Festival includes:

  • Original student artwork spanning grades K-12
  • Film and Animation Festival
  • 5th Annual Empty Bowls Community Fundraiser
  • EHS Senior Showcase

Example Activities:

Art Appreciation

· Have students explore the show from their iPads or project part of the show for the class

· Have students select a “best in show”, “strongest sculpture”, “favorite video”, etc. and justify their selection

· Students could write a letter to the artist of a selected work

Interdisciplinary Connections

· Provide students an interdisciplinary prompt connected to one of the student artworks in the show

· Writing prompts could be provided around the theme of poetry, creative writing, etc.

· There are numerous works that address contemporary issues if you wanted to make a connection to something currently happening in our world

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Dive Into Diversity

Grandpa Doug is back! Today he’s reading a book that celebrates his background and culture entitled, “Caribbean Dream” by Rachel Isadora. https://youtu.be/VQ7wcHYZsn4