Swimming Classes Available!!!

Only $20 per level (12 classes)

Do you Want to Learn How to Swim?

Well, then I am available to teach swimming from ages 5-12. I give the lowest prices you will ever find, For example in Cassie Campbell it is around $70 for 12 classes. With me you can save $50. Also you as a child will feel you are getting more attention as I do not take more than 5 students per batch whereas in Cassie Campbell there are up to 12 students.

About Me

Hello! My name is Nish Patel. I am an experienced swimmer that wants to help younger kids learn swimming; the best sport in the world. Swimming has been really popular in the Olympics and many people like to watch it. As much as people like to watch it, they like to actually do it more. There are other sports I like such as soccer and cricket. Another hobby I have is to read. I love reading. I like reading mystery and adventurous books. Now that you know a bit about me come on down and try my new swimming classes. I look forward to seeing you!

Views of the Pool

You'll Enjoy it

An awesome place with an awesome instructor.

Open Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 6pm-7pm

Saturday: 12pm-4pm

Sunday: 1pm-3pm

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