The Eagles Nest

News and Notes for Faculty and Staff


*Cheers to our special education team for all they do for our students! We have had several tough situations in past weeks, and I appreciate everyone working for our special students to create environments so they can be successful!

*Cheers to everyone for making MAP testing run smoothly this week.

*Thanks to everyone who came out to ZAXBY's this week to support our school!

This Week:

Monday - Interim reports go home; MAP testing with 1st and 4th

Tuesday - Volunteer Training; Open House 6-7:30; MAP with K5 and 5th

Wednesday - PLCs with Lisa; MAP with 1st

Thursday - MAP with K5;

Friday - MAP with 1st and 2nd

Other NEWS:

*SLO update - Where are you with your SLO? Have you begun writing? If you are giving a pretest, have you created it and given it? Have you begun analyzing data and grouping students? We will work on this during your data day, but you will need to have begun prior to that day.

* Open House schedule - 5:15 - YAMS interest meeting in cafeteria and Volunteer training in PLA room; 5:45 - Entertainment in cafeteria provided by YAMS; 6:00 - Welcome and PTO meeting in cafeteria; 6:15-7:30 - Classrooms open for visiting. I will make an announcement at 7:25 to end Open House. As soon as your room is empty, you may lock up and head home.

*This week, our school PIRATE will be announced....who will it be????

*If you have any ever have any questions about an observation, please come by so we can talk about it. Informal observations continue through September. Formal observations begin in October.


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