January Newsletter

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Message from Ms. Leticia Archuleta, Executive Director

Greetings, HLHS Community-

We are in full swing into our semester! Our school programming continues to be successful. Congratulations to our students who received their Blue Coats for completing FACES for the Future and our students who became certified in the health sector for Early Childhood Development! We are getting students enrolled in paid practicums and internships. Health Leadership High School continues to be responsive to the community's needs and strengthen opportunities for our future leaders. Our programs are going strong, highlighting what makes HLHS a great school.

Our new facility is under construction and on track for us to begin our school year in August. We will continue to have meetings to discuss the facility for planning and logistics of the building. If you would like to participate in this project, please reach out to leticia@healthleadershiphighschool.org

Our next meeting will be virtually on Thursday, February 23, @ 5:00 pm. Zoom Link

Photos for phases of the new facility and PowerPoint presentation can be found here

Thank you for your continued commitment and support of HLHS

Leticia Archuleta, LISW LCSW LSSW

Executive Director / Principal

Health Leadership High School

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Message from Ms. Caro, Director of Community Engagement

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it today." Malcolm X

Welcome, HLHS Community!

Happy New Year! This month has flown by, but it has been full of meaningful and exciting activities for our HLHS community. We welcome new staff and are excited about the opportunities that await us! We started with some fun and exciting Professional Development with our team to plan out Semester II, had a successful jump-start week with our students, and jumped into the fantastic work. We are getting ready to prepare our Seniors for graduation, and we know graduation day will be here when we least expect it.

We are excited that Mr. Campo's Project class has partnered with Evolvement, an organization of youth-led movement that's making a difference to create positive change in New Mexico by decreasing the harmful effects of tobacco and vape products.

Our students are in the process of starting their FFE X3 Internships. We are excited to announce that more than 15 students are placed at mostly UNMH sites. We appreciate the support from all of the mentors who work with our HLHS community to promote our student growth.

Our FACES students celebrated their Blue Coat Ceremony and have been placed in their rotations. Check out the information and pictures from our FACES coordinator, Ms. Morgan.

We look forward to next month's events and all the exciting work that continues here at HLHS!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,

Carolina Quiñones-Suarez

Director of Community Engagement

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE. Albq. NM 87106

505-750-4547 x108

505-620-8920 (cell)

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Message from Ms. Meg, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Happy New Year! We're so excited that staff and students are back in the building. Teachers are hard at work in Professional Development to design and improve projects for students and getting back into the swing of things. We're so excited to welcome our new teachers, Ms Mercy, Ms. Lucy, and Mr. Santos to the team. A special shout out to Ms. Lucy who is teaching AND supporting students through college and career readiness with Dr. Roberts. Additionally, we have some new and returning Educational Assistants and Educational Fellows. Let's welcome Ms. LeAnness, Ms. Lupe, Ms. Savannah, and Ms. Norma to the team!

We've been so excited about our students getting out into the community to share their knowledge and expertise around Innovative educational practices around the state. This month we had our seniors attend an Innovation Zone convening with Nonprofits organizations who are interested in developing their own capstones. Our seniors shared insight and feedback around what's worked, what could improve, and how they hope for other programs to use more student voice and choice in their spaces. We were so proud of our seniors and all the insight they shared.

It's a great start to a new semester and can't wait to see all the things students will learn and do!

Meghan Tokunaga-Scanlon

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

HLHS General Line: (505) 750-4547

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Message from Ms. Denise, Director of Student Support

  • Student Support was successful in making “Jump Start” week a success. We had a great week of relationship building with advisors and students. Students were engaged in making “vision boards” with their advisors. Students were engaged in social-emotional learning activities while on our field trip to Tingley Beach to do community service.

  • Student support has begun scheduling various speakers from the community to come speak with our students pertaining to various topics. Next week we will welcome Mr. Andres who is an immigration attorney. He will come and share his knowledge DACA and other topics pertaining to immigration

  • Last semester Student Support completed distribution of surveys to families, students and staff pertaining to our School Based Health Clinic that we are in the process of establishing. We will be distributing the survey once again, for those who missed the opportunity to complete them the first time.

  • If you have time it would be greatly appreciated if you would take a minute to complete the survey as well. I am attaching the link here:

  • https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ah82woNqQYrnRD8mthk9OF7HJpx8SJsUDARi7QP-6bY/edit

  • Message from Ms. Cinthya, our registrar

    Greetings, HLHS Family,

    Thank you for all your patience as we have transitioned from Jupiter to Power School. You should've received login instructions to register to Power School and access your student's information. If you have not been successful in logging in, please reach out to me so we can ensure that you have access. This is important as it allows you to access important information for your student and will be required to perform your student's registration for our upcoming year. This is also essential for receiving your child's daily attendance notification.

    As always, please reach out if you have any questions or are in need of anything.


    Cinthya Olivas M.-MA

    Health Leadership High School

    1900 Randolph Rd. SE

    Albuquerque,NM 87106

    Phone:505-750-4547 ext.# 103


    Schedule a time to meet

    Message from Ms. Alyse, Social Worker

    In January HLHS Seniors met at Flying Star and Little Bear Coffee in Nob hill for Senior Breakfast Club! Senior Breakfast Club is an opportunity for HLHS's Senior Class of 2023 to all be together out in our community learning new things and eating delicious food. This semester Seniors will meet every Thursday at a different local restaurant for Senior Breakfast Club!!

    Enroll Now for the 2022-2023 SY

    Alyse Moulton, LCSW

    School Social Worker

    Health Leadership High School

    1900 Randolph Rd. SE

    Albuquerque, NM 87106



    Hello, Viper community. I am happy to be here at Health Leadership High School. We have started the year with fun events, including a field trip to Kit Carson Park for team building and a pizza party to celebrate attendance.

    We look forward to having more activities and fun student events and supporting a safe environment here at Health Leadership High School.

    Our next event is a Youth Mental Health First Aid program to support youth leadership and mental health awareness. This program is designed to help students identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges among friends and peers. If you have any questions or would like to reach out to students, families, and community partners, feel free to contact me at stella@healthleadershiphighschool.org.


    Hello Health Leadership High School Families! I'm Belinda East and I'll be taking over the coordination role of special education director. I am very excited to be here and I'm looking forward to working with our families and students. I have 15 years of experience in the field of special education as a teacher, an instructional coach, and later as a special education administrator. I have a bachelors in Fine Arts and Masters in Special education. I use my education and experience to support the learning needs of all students, advocate for unique learners and build teams of staff, parents, and community supports that will help level the educational field for individual students so there is equitable access to learning for all.

    I'm here to support all students and their families and welcome hearing from them. If you have questions or concerns please send me an email at specialeducation@healthleadershiphighschool.org.

    Belinda East

    Message from Dr. Roberts, College and Career Coach/Equity Council Co-Facilitator

    College & Career

    Our seniors are preparing for graduation! Graduation will be held on Friday, May 12 at 5:30pm at the Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque. Seniors are in their second semester of their Community Wellness Practicum (CWP), participating in a wide variety of internships toward their graduation requirements and goals. We are excited to see them thriving in their education and motivation for their futures.

    We will be celebrating our Early Childhood Education dual-credit graduates on Friday, February 3. These students completed the 45-hour practicum course to become certified as Early Care, Education and Family Support. These 11 students worked hard to prepare themselves to be able to utilize these skillsets in their future academic and career goals.

    Equity Council

    Our Equity Council is developing a new program called “The Learning First Campaign” to gain knowledge about barriers to students’ education in areas of attendance, motivation, participation, prioritization, and technology in the classroom. They will be holding a “Raise Your Voice” school engagement/fundraising event February 13-17, distributing surveys to allow students to include their voice in policies that affect their education. During this week, staff members have agreed to participate in a karaoke event to raise money for our Equity Council to fund educational field trips, events, and participate in creating community events to promote equity.

    Within “The Learning First Campaign” our Equity Council students have been promoting student respect for our new cell phone policy, which aims to reduce technological distractions that impede our students’ learning. Our Equity Council students have been wearing stickers to encourage other students to follow the policy in their classroom for the betterment of their education

    Dr. M.N. Roberts


    Health Leadership High School

    College & Career Coach

    Equity Council Co-Facilitator


    Message from Ms. Lucy Duran

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Lucy Duran, and I am excited to be joining Health Leadership High School this semester. I will be co-teaching Sex Education as well as working with Dr. Roberts in Financial Literacy. I will also be stepping into the Testing/SAT Coordinator position. I'm looking forward to helping students reach their academic goals and happy to help in any way possible.

    Message from Ms. Kimberlee Peña Hanson, our Instructional Coach and Capstone Project Teacher

    Seniors are continuing to develop their passion projects with the creation of a professional documentary that they will share with the community during final exhibitions. It is exciting to support students as they creatively develop ideas, while demonstrating critical thinking, reading, writing, and research skills . Their final film will culminate in a call to action. Students are authentically taking ownership of their topics, and they are truly becoming the experts in their area of research. This semester we are specifically focusing on literacy, an academic writing portfolio, and professional skills development, which are reinforced in a student's internship. Students are engaged in personal story telling and creative writing, as well. On Fridays, the classroom will transform into a Collaboration Cafe, where students can express themselves through more creative endeavors. Of course, there are senior deadlines, and a graduation to plan! Despite the realization that life is about to change in significant ways, our students are handling the pressure by regularly attending (we have a 90% attendance rate), supporting one another, and engaging in their own learning. The Capstone Classroom energy is electric. Stop by and pay us a visit.

    Thank You,

    Kimberlee K. Pena-Hanson

    Senior Capstone, Instructional Coach

    Scaffold for equity of access.

    Differentiate for relevancy, self expression, and self-actualization.

    Health Leadership High School 1900 Randolph Rd SE, Alb., NM 87106


    (C) 505-228-2962

    (O) 505-750-4547


    Holistic 360 Degree Support

    High Expectations Require High Levels of Student Support

    Message from Ms. Alyson, Project teacher

    Our Project C World Foodies class, which looks at history "loosely" through the lens of food, spent last week looking at maps of the US and Mexico, from fast food chains in each US state to platillos típicos of each state in Mexico. This week we are starting to delve into media literacy, identifying website authors and organizations, and from there understanding how their perspectives may influence the way history is told.

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    Message from Ms. Norma

    Hi there! My name is Norma. I am here at Health Leadership High School in the Educational Fellowship program. I am currently pursuing a degree in Social Work. I thoroughly enjoy working in the classroom setting, supporting and assisting students. Youth empowerment is a passion of mine. I am looking forward to connecting with our community here at HLHS!

    Message from Mr. Campo, Project Teacher

    In Project A, students have begun to learn about the importance of sports in our lives by reading articles on healthy habits in athletes. Through the Olympic Games as the central axis of the project, students will investigate the history of the most critical event worldwide through all the participating countries. They have already begun to know and locate different countries on the globe.

    In Project B, students are discovering the need to know how to eat healthily. Students can configure a healthy diet for anyone through the knowledge of how athletes eat healthily. In this way, children have begun to analyze the food they currently consume and its impact on their bodies.

    Ms. Ortiz's Project Classes

    Hello HLHS Community. We have some exciting work that awaits us as we explore some interesting topics. Here is what we are doing in our project classes.

    Dream Makers- Live Saving Events- Pathway to finding a Cure for

    Alzheimer’s caused by Type 3 Diabetes- Semester 2

    Call To Action: Pathway to finding a Cure for Alzheimer’s caused by

    Type 3 Diabetes.

    Our HLHS students have split into three groups. Each group is

    covering a different portion of the Scientific Pathway to find a cure for

    Alzheimer’s caused by Type 3 Diabetes. The groups have been divided up as follows:

    Group 1: Health-Chemical in diets-food, drinks, processed foods,

    eating habits, alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

    Group 2: Environment-Pesticides, water, soil, pollution, animals,


    Group 3: Health Care in the Community- Access to proper medical

    care, medication, and medical costs, insurance coverage.

    Groups 1, 2,3,4 -Solutions and Pathway for Cure based on Final

    Exhibition- Pod Cast or News Cast Interview Community Members on

    specific topics of research. To conclude the month of January, our students in our Dream Maker class have made it to the Roundhouse in Santa Fe along with our Senior Capstone students.

    Dare to Begin-College & Career Readiness Program “NM Career Cluster Guide,” Life Saving Events, and Pathway to finding a Cure. - Semester 1

    HLHS College & Career Readiness Mission Statement-Health Leadership High School leads, inspires, challenges, and empowers our students to fulfill their academic & professional passions. Together with our staff, students, family members, & community. Our College & Careers Readiness Program will guide students to realize their goals and promote integrity, leadership, citizenship, state awareness, & academic courses, and employability skills that will lead to New Mexico’s in-demand occupations of the future.

    To accomplish this Mission, Health Leadership High School will provide the College & Career Readiness Program to every student, academic courses, and developmental steps leading to Leadership and Guidance from HLHS Program Instructor for one school year.

    The program will provide academic classes in the Bio-Medical field and various careers, hosting blood drives for our school and community, saving lives, volunteering, and utilizing the New Mexico Career Cluster Guide. Ms. Ortiz created Positive Mind Set Steps, Dream Boards, Certifications- American Heart Association, CPR/ First Aid, LIVE HAPPY Ambassador, Soft Skills, Interview skills, Internship Programs & volunteer programs.

    Graduated from HLHS Graduated students of HLHS have completed their first year of Trade School, 4-year College, or Military, or have started their own business, preparation for college applications, scholarships, grants, financial aid (FAFSA).

    Natural Healing and Remedies/Project Insight Fellowship

    In an IN-CLASS Fellowship, students apply to interview skills and learn about the Visually Impaired, using their critical thinking thoughts in an in-depth and precise research method. Each student in the Fellowship could earn a $250.00 stipend from Project Insight Grant based on their performance and following to detail of the assignment. Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Eye and dissection lab-cow eyes.

    HLHS will be introduced and can identify symptoms, diagnose, and create an appropriate health plan using a natural remedy, crystals, and physical and energy healing techniques. Students will learn to grow natural herbal remedies, compound essential oils, creams, ointments, and various other natural remedies. Students will also learn how medication and natural remedies process and break down in the human body and animals. (Pharmacology, A & P, and Chemistry).

    Mad Scientist “UP & ATOM”- LAB

    HLHS: Various scientific experiments that contain a dizzying array of information and the “WHY” of the experiment. From the physical, astrological, environmental, and biological worlds to the empirical and chemical reactions. We are immersing ourselves in experimentation and observation.

    We are learning about NASA, the Planets, and the stars. Our recent project – We are learning about Mars and the Moxie machine NASA created.

    Delish “Science of Cooking”/ Red Carpet-Arts and Crafty/Poems

    I am teaching chemistry, biology, and math through the enjoyable and rewarding means of cooking. Chemical reactions occur in cooking through manipulation or emulsification. Foods are scaled proportionately and combined in a particular order to achieve desired and delicious outcomes. “Food and beverages.” Solid, Liquid, and Gas, gas is the state in which matter expands to occupy the volume and shape of its container.

    Students are in the process of learning various types of arts, poems, history, and culture. We are learning about Mandalas, the meaning of transforming a universe of suffering into joy/positivity and achieving the perfect self.

    Welcome to Mr. Santos, Project Teacher

    Project Course B

    You are [ ] energy. What do you want to do with it?

    Through a variety of lenses students will explore their understandings, relationships and choices pertaining to energy. Beginning with a foundation of a general understanding of energy from a scientific perspective and multiple historical contexts of the use of the word energy, students will then make connections to their personal relationship with various forms of energy. Though embedded in everyday language, and critical to every technological advancement there is much we don't know about energy. Nobel laureate and physicist, Richard Feynman, remarked that "it is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is." The aim of this course will be for students to have the tools and developing mental framework for healthier production and consumption of energy in its various forms.

    Project Course C

    Stories. Your mind is creating one as you read this

    This course provides students with a foundation to explore how stories are weaved within every aspect of life, including every expression, belief, and memory. Students will look outwards, exploring stories passed down by stewards of various disciplines and cultures through literature, art, and science among others. Students will play with various elements and building blocks of language including symbols and metaphor to recontextualize their own experiences. The aim of the course will be to reflect, express and contribute in a thoughtful manner to the multitude of stories in one’s life.

    X-Block M/W

    Creating Form: Art from one dimension to the next

    The course will provide students a variety of opportunities, skills and techniques to explore the creation of three-dimensional forms using (seemingly) two-dimensional materials such as paper and cloth. After learning prescribed techniques students will be required to create new and innovative techniques relevant to ideas they will develop and choose to actualize.

    X-Block T/TH

    Lines: Not as straightforward for the artist

    In this course a line will be drawn. Then crossed. Lines will be created using traditional marking tools such as pencils, pens and markers, but then students will also begin to explore line making with string, wire and non-traditional materials. Students will take what many times is seen as a humble line and push its boundaries and their own imagination to create personally relevant works of art. The aim of this course is for students to understand through experience that it is not what you have, but what you do with what you have that matters most.

    Mr. Sonny's project classes!

    "Math classes in HLHS cover math topics traditionally taught in high schools in a PBL way. Project Based Learning is not only a style, but an ABILITY! Math classes in HLHS reflect every math teacher's fine and unique personality and teaching philosophy that provides each student with a healthy and effective learning environment.

    Our team, under the leadership of our school Leadteam, collaborates with each other and works with our students closely to ensure every student makes progress everyday. Together Everyone Achieves More!

    Leadership for the future requires knowledge, skills and abilities of mathematics. Nothing of consequence is accomplished alone. Together our HLHS community will surely rise to meet this moment by educating a new generation of leaders who will go forth and set the world on fire!"

    Thank you and best regards,

    Sonny (Diankang) Sun, Phd

    Project Teacher

    Health Leadership High School


    (505) 750 4547

    (505) 289 6918 ( cell )

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    Message from Ms. Lupe

    Saludos a todos/ Hello to Everyone

    My name is Guadalupe San Martin. I was born and raised here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am an Educational Fellow who joined the Health Leadership familia on 10/2022. I am so grateful to get the opportunity to work here with young adults. I am currently in the math setting assisting Mr. Sonny, which I am excited to do. For advisory, I will work towards a goal with our kids regarding attendance. I am excited about the work that awaits us.

    Message from Mr. Zamudio

    A few weeks after the start of the work of this second semester, I want to express my gratitude to the parents who are attentive every day to guarantee the attendance of their children, for monitoring the work that their children do, and for the observations and advice that they give us. Thank you for contributing to your children's academic performance; I share with you that in the IMP I class, we focus on inequalities and how they connect with the real world. In IMP II, our central theme for the last two weeks is studying trigonometry and its applications in geography. We also focus on its relationship with right triangles to find heights and measures indirectly. Finally, in IMP III, we are working with probability and statistics topics focused on using central measurement data for decision-making based on information collected theoretically or practically.

    I want to thank the students who make our school a better place with their effort and commitment. Thank you for allowing me to share with you a little of how much the school has to offer you. As a reminder, I am at your service and will always encourage you to stay curious to learn and discover new things. Remember to be aware of turning in your completed work during the week so you can receive more on Fridays. The minimum requirement is to turn in four bell works and two assignments and use the notes taken in class, which will then support completing tasks.

    Thank you, and best wishes for Valentine's Day which is a couple of days away!!!

    Message from Ms. Savannah

    Hello, my name is Savannah Rivera. I am a recent graduate from the University of Arizona. I am new to Health Leadership High School, working at an EA and teaching ASL. I am very excited to be here and look forward to getting to know our Viper Community.

    You may have heard before that American Sign Language is English but with hands, but this is not true; ASL is different from English. It has its own rules and structure. This semester in ASL, we will dive into the fundamentals of ASL grammar, ASL signs, fingerspelling, and Deaf Culture. Our goal is to be able to communicate with the Deaf community using our knowledge of American Sign Language.

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