Lily Leffingwell

This Is Me

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About Me

I am a Junior in high school near Athens, Georgia. My family moved from Atlanta in 2009 for a change in lifestyle and a better education. I plan on attending UGA or UT Austin for college, and on the side, I am a fashion model. I focus on maintaining a balanced life. I always give everything my best effort, whether it be school, athletics, socially, and especially work. Despite all of that I love to have fun with my closest friends. Most of them would describe me as totally sarcastic and crazy, but I am still very genuine. I look at everything through different perspectives, even if I disagree I can understand why someone see something the way they do. I look forward to traveling the world and experiencing so many cool opportunities!

Here are some of my accomplishments and involvements:

  • National Honor Society
  • Governors Honor Program nominee
  • Beta Club
  • Youth Leadership Oconee
  • Young Republicans secretary
  • Character and Leadership Award
  • Varsity Volleyball Area Recognition
  • Latin Club
  • Volunteer for the John Kingston Campaign
  • Georgia Civic Awareness Program
  • Varsity and Travel volleyball

My main strengths and abilities:

  • Ability to see things from all perspectives
  • Detail Oriented
  • Commitment
  • Always looking for improvement
  • Creative
  • Open to listening and learning