The Inspirational Iguanas

Friendship, Sportsmanship, Kindness, Attitude

Team Philosophy

To inspire each student to explore their individual interest, while improving knowledge of core materials, and developing interpersonal skills needed to succeed as a team player

Team Goal

The goal of the Inspirational Iguana team is to inspire all team members to approach learning with a positive attitude, ask questions which they might not know the answer to, and participate in group work.

Some of Our Top Instructors

Guaranteed to be an inspiring year!

Team Rules for Students


Walk only

Cell phones are out of sight out of mind unless specified by teacher

Ipads flat on desk when teacher is talking

Electronic screens must be visible

We are Iguana Buddies

If there is a need for a parent/teacher conference, you will be there too!

Disciple Policiy

  1. Warning

  2. Silent lunch

  3. Phone call/ detention

  4. Referral

Teacher Roles

Grading Policy

90+ A_____________________ Homework 10%

80+ B_____________________ Quizzes 20%

70+ C_____________________ Tests 25%

60+ D_____________________ Participation 20%

>60 F_____________________ Projects 25%

*Every semester each class will have at least 10 homework grades, 5 quiz grades, 3 tests, and 2 projects

Student of the Week

Every Nine Weeks Everyone gets a Good Phone Call Home!!!!!