Techie News: April Edition

Check out important updates and cool ideas below:

Junk Mail Reminder!!

Please don't forget to check your junk mail from time to time. With new county filters on our email, some parent emails have been slipping through. If that happens, it is an easy fix-- Just drag the email into the inbox. Once you have done that the filters will recognize that it should not be in the SPAM folder! :) If you have questions or would like assistance, please let me know!

RBM Grant Funds

With the $2000 RBM Grant funds, we are ordering some awesome, new equipment for our media center! We are building a "Creation Station" in the side room for student and teacher use! Included in our purchase will be a new iMac, an iPad mini, wireless microphones, webcams, a tripod, and new furniture for it to sit on!

We would like to encourage classes to use the new equipment for class instruction/ discussion or small group projects! We would like for anyone and everyone to use it-- all grade levels, specials areas, and support groups! :) I can be used for Skype sessions, creating movies, digital recordings, etc..