Collistion course with asteroid

Asteroid will end life on Earth

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the plan to stop it

in approximatley 365 days if not stopped an asteroid will hit earth. Our plan to stop this Asteroid is to launch up to 500 nuclear bombs with a blast radius of up to three kilometers to cover one third of the asteroid. The way we are going to do this is by not placing the bombs close enough to break it into large peices that could still destroy the earth. But by placing them far enough away so that it will nudge the Ateroid off course when it is far enough away so that it misses Earth completely when it is Supposed to hit

The past plans to stop a killer Asteroid

Past plans to stop an asteroid have been developed by nasa's asteroid defense plan. Some past Plans to stop the asteroid include using the force of nuclear bombs to nudge it away from it collision course with earth. This plan can be used because if An asteroids collision course is offset from far away enough by a little bit so then it will miss earth completly. Other past plans include kinetic impact which would basically be putting something else in it's way and having it hit that instead For doing so this would require a good knowledge of the Asteroid and its surface. Other plans in the past that have been developed have been calculated for good chances of success such as, Plans to use a laser or giant mirrors to focus cut or boil parts of it of. This plan could be considered a good idea because if the Asteroid is boiled down to a smaller size or cut up Into smaller sizes that cannot do as much damage and will disintegrate in the atmosphere that means that it will not be large enough to end life on earth.