Wood & Banks Law Firm

Come for all justice related problems! We're on your side!

Our Sole Proprietorship:

Wood & Banks Law Firm is a self owned business that employs lawyers from local areas that only wish to bring justice to the lives of our clients. Together they work to provide the service of aid in law as an attorney. As a sole proprietorship, we can easily get to your problems without having to address C.E.Os or any higher level owners. That way your case is our number one priority and that it is taken care of efficiently. It was a simple process to set up, and now we get to aid you in all the troubling legal business that has been placed upon you. Your money is also completely going to the people who helped you, not mostly by the government or greedy corporations. Though we are run by ourselves, we need your help to find great consumers who will aid us in growing and finding qualified employees, which means your cases can be even more efficiently addressed. The unlimited liability does cause problems, because we are completely responsible for any accidents. We can promise that there will be no accidents, though!

Our Employment:

This company does not feel that it will need a union, because we plan to only hire responsible employees that will do their job. Honestly there is no need in this small, local business for a union, and especially when all they need to do is ask. Like we said before, we want responsible workers that will not need to be replaced if they go on strike. As the owner I believe that they don't get a say, because the workplace is not a democracy where you can just demand rights. We want people to trust our workers, and having a union will compromise that.

The Community:

Now here at Wood & Banks we all believe that the environment is important, and we should treat it with as much respect as we can. Making everything be available on a virtual level and physical is still vital to us. All documents will be available on eco-friendly paper with soy ink, or on recyclable electronics. The client is the one who decides are form of communication, and will be the one responsible for the use of paper or plastic. Everything that goes into our designs will not strain the environment, and that is something we can promise. No Pollution, No Waste, and No Mercy!


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