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Hybrid Electric Cars

What are Hybrid Electric Cars?

Hybrid Electric Cars are a type of vehicle that have more than one form of energy to keep the car going. They have a gas tank and a battery, so that you can have multiple energy sources. These cars get better gas mileage, which burns less fossil fuels. In the long run, these cars will have a positive impact on the environment.

Why Should More People Buy Hybrids


  • These cars are very environmental friendly- Hybrids run cleaner and have better gas mileage which makes them environmentally friendly. They run on twin powered engine which cuts fuel consumption and conserves energy.
  • They have financial benefits- Supported by many credits to make them more affordable. They help save fuel which will obviously save money. Although they may cost more at the purchase they are bound to save money in the long run.
  • Less Dependence on fossil fuels- Hybrids are much cleaner and take less fuel to run which means less emissions and less dependence on the fossil fuels.
  • Regenerative Braking System- Each time you press the brake on the hybrid it charges the battery a little. This works by a internal mechanism that captures the energy released and is used to charge up the battery a little bit each time you brake.
  • Built for lighter materials- Hybrids are made of lighter material which means it takes less energy to run and the engine is smaller and lighter which saves even more energy.
  • Higher Release Value- Hybrids are becoming more in demand, so if you purchase a hybrid and are unsatisfied with it, you may sell it to a new customer who is looking for a hybrid vehicle.
  • Hybrids have much less power than that of a real car. They have poorer handling, which means with the lighter material, you could be subjected to crashing easier in windy or rainy conditions. Hybrids have higher maintenance costs and the parts are much harder to find, because of this any long distance traveling may be hard for the lack of parts available in the region. Please see dealer or website if there are any other questions you may have.