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Julie Tishkoff - How to be an Effective Marketer

Julie Tishkoff is a marketing professional and business consultant who lives in the booming city of San Francisco, CA. Through living in an area line with Fortune 500 companies as well as groundbreaking start-ups, Julie Tishkoff has been exposed to some of the absolute best in the business. Below, she shares some tips on how to be an effective marketer so you can help make your business succeed.

Define Your Targets

You can define your target customer by asking yourself a few key questions: Who does your product benefit? What types of people would be interested in your product? What types of people would potentially find themselves needing your product? And lastly, how is the best way to reach these people? Which brings us to the next point…

Have a Strategy

Once you know what your target customer will be, the next step will be to ensure that you have found out strategic ways to gain the interest of these populations. Depending on age group, gender and other such demographics that define your target audience, it is important to know how to get inside the heads of your customer and figure out the ways of communication that they would be most receptive of.

Be Persistent

Marketing isn’t always meant to gain thousands of customers overnight. It is the job of a salesperson to stress urgency, it is the job of a marketer to make sure that the product is introduced and instilled in the customer’s mind as a viable option.

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Julie Tishkoff - Benefits of the Bay

Julie Tishkoff is a San Francisco native who has always embraced all the neat features of her city. San Francisco is one of the biggest cities in California as well as in the United States as a whole, with a large populace of workers in the tech industry, shipping industries and more as well as college students enrolled in one of the many nearby colleges, including UC Berkeley. Julie Tishkoff says that there are many benefits to living in the bay area, such as one these listed below.

Great Place to Be

All around, the city of San Francisco is a great place to be. There is plenty to do throughout the day, including walking along the harbor area, taking day tours of Alcatraz or even hopping on a local skiff to do some fishing.

Easy Getaways

Want to get out of the city for a few days? Julie Tishkoff knows of a number of places you can go to seek refuge in the quiet and peaceful. For those seeking a wine tour, Napa and Sonoma valleys are only a few hours away. For something a little more active, Lake Tahoe is about four hours away and is a great place to ski, go hiking or even get on a boat in the summertime.

Good Food

San Francisco offers its own breed of foodie culture. With such proximity to the bay, seafood does not get much fresher; and with the blend of metropolitan city life, many culinary greats have their own restaurants here to wow guests with their unique creations.

Julie Tishkoff - 49ers New Defense

Julie Tishkoff is a devout 49ers fan. The San Francisco native has always been a huge fan of her local NFL team; and she is excited about the changes being brought to next year’s defense. Below is an excerpt from an article posted on the 49ers website:

“The San Francisco 49ers defense will look different in 2015. There is no doubt about that.

In the secondary, notable free agent departures include cornerbacks Chris Culliver and Perrish Cox.

In the middle, the unexpected retirements of Patrick Willis and Chris Borland leave holes that will test the 49ers linebacker depth.

Add linebacker Dan Skuta, who signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the release of DT Ray McDonald in December, and that makes six key contributors on the 49ers defense from 2014 who will not be on the field for the team this season. The roster overhaul combined with new defensive coordinator Eric Mangini taking over may leave some to question the 49ers defense heading into the 2015 season.

But safety Antoine Bethea isn’t concerned. When asked Friday about his outlook on the defensive backfield, Bethea was concise. “It’s going to be fine,” the 49ers 2014 team MVP said. “I have no worries about that. Last year there was a lot of talk about our secondary, but I think our secondary did pretty good last year.”

Bethea is confident that with the return of cornerback Tramaine Brock, who suffered a toe injury in 2014, and the emergence of younger players including the likes of Dante Johnson and Jimmie Ward, the 49ers cornerback group will exceed expectations. But this can only happen after they develop chemistry.”

Julie Tishkoff is excited for these changes.