The Amazon: Wild and Beautiful

By: Hawkin Lolley

Do you need a break? Are tired of the same old story? Do you need a little R&R? Then you should come to the Amazon.The Amazon is located in South America.The Amazon is filled with beautiful sights and animals. It is the largest river basin in the world. it truly is amazing. It is home to half of the worlds species of floral and found. It provides 20 percent of the worlds oxygen. The Amazon is perfect for vacationing. Some of the activities tourist do are wildlife watching, sustainable living, and other outdoor activities. Transportation includes boats and canoes. Finally, the climate here is normally tropical with a temperature that stays around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The annual rainfall for the Amazon is about 60 to 180 inches, and from 30 to 100 inches throughout different months. It pretty much rains the whole year.
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Golden Lion Tamarin

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Amazon's Beauty

Furthermore, some of the beautiful animals in the Amazon include:

*The Spider Monkey


*Giant Anteater

*Giant River Otter

*Golden Lion Tamarin

*Capybara, the biggest rodent on Earth

*Toucan and the Jaguar to just name a few. The Amazon River is also interesting too. It stretches 4,000 miles long until it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. It is 121 feet deep at its deepest point. Also, when the water is high, it can be up to 300 miles wide!

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