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Leo Frank & The Murder of Mary Phagan

Leo Frank was the manager of a pencil factory full of employed, young teen girls. One Saturday, Mary Phagan had gone into the factory to receive her weekly pay and was found, much later, murdered in the basement of the factory. Leo Frank was wrongly accused of the murder because the girls who worked there really just wanted a little attention and said that he had been a perverted boss and liked to look at girls and things of that nature. Jim Conley had said that he was a worker at the factory and would stand watch while Mr. Frank would "do his business" with the girls in his office. Jim had also told many lies about how Leo Frank would do awful things with the girls and other actions. Leo Frank was sentenced to life in prison, but was broken out of prison and hung by an angry mob of citizen s in the town where this all happened.

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Thomas E. Watson

He had a strange and perplexing public life. In his early years he was characterized as a liberal, especially for his time. He later emerged as a force for white supremacy and the anti-catholic rhetoric. He was elected to the Georgia general assembly in 1882, the US house of representatives, and the US Senate in 1920. Nominated by the populist party as its Vice presidential candidate in 1896.

Letter From Editorials

Hello, readers! This Connor Cook and Saxon Tompkins, lead editors in this newspaper. We just wanted to say that we wrote about what we wrote because ewe felt that thiese topics deserved to be brought back into a newspaper and revealed in the modern times just like the older times. All of these topics were VERY popular subjects at this point in time, that's why we thought they were the best topics to use in our newspaper.