Conner Kallenbach

personality profile

I'm a leader

I'm 42% extrovert and 58% introvert

all about me

  • my best friend is morgan
  • i like cholcolate
  • i like cheeze its
  • i like texting
  • i like facebook

facts about me

im creative and i like to draw and use my imagination.I like to ride bikes with my friends when im not at school and i like to repaint my old bikes and trade them for new ones. theres alittle more about me.
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qualities that characterise me

Your thinking.

you are attuned to others and you show a good emotional intelligence, which allow you to give support to people.

Your emotional intelligence.

you are thoughtful and capable of listening to others, you take into account the needs of others before setting up the defined objectives.

Your management skills.

you are a manager and a structured person, you know how to take into account the needs of each person while leading them to the fixed goals.

Your imagination.

you are a creative person, with always new ideas, and you know how to apply them.

Finally, you are thoughtful and deep, you think before getting into action and you know how to communicate your knowledge, you are a manager and a leader, and you know how to organize groups of people and how to give them your energy.

how i assest myself

Your inspiration



Your family

Also, your actions and behaviour are determined by your sensibility and that of your partner at a ratio of 57%. Then you are driven at 42% by own will and personal goals.

Your will power



Your sensibility

Finally, your point of view and your decision-making are motivated by your inner conviction at 61%. Dialogue and exchange of views with others are taken into account at 38%.

Your ideas



Your relations

events that im going to

the school dance on friday