Save the Burrowing Owl !

By: Avnish Jadhav

A Burrowing What ?

A Burruwing owl is about 24 centimetres long. It is easily identified by its long legs and short tail.

Also, it has a typical owl-like head and two bright yellow eyes. It has another common name: the ground owl, due to its ground dwelling habits. It hunts insects, snakes, and frogs in the day, and mice and other small mammals at night. These owls prefere to live in the prairies. Burrowing owls mostly inhabit western provinces, with majority population in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Burrowing owls don't dig their own burrows, but modify the burrows of prairie dogs, badgers, ground squirrels, coyotes, and even fox.

What's the Problem ?

Who Cares ?

Organizations who are trying to help save the burrowing owls are : The Calgary Zoo, University of Alberta, Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation, Operation Grassland Community, Alberta Wilderness Association, World Wildlife Fund Canada, Nature Canada, Southern Alberta Group for the Environment, and Alberta Government Fish and Wildlife Branch.

    What can you do ?

    1. Share information about the burrowing owl with friends and family.

    2. Support groups and individuals who are working to save the burrowing owl

    3. Report any burrowing owl sightings

    4. Leave nesting sites alone

    5. Setting aside land for nesting sites

    6. Make artificial burrows for owls to live in