Team Talk

January 18, 2016

PBL to the Core!

PBL to the Core! represents a way of being. It's a commitment to the noble purpose of engaging students in an educational experience that defies the traditional norms of schooling and prepares them for a competitive global society.

Each of us boarded the A. Maceo Smith New Tech bus. We took a ticket and pledged to be a solution-oriented, collaborative team, committed to maintaining a positive environment that fuels risk-taking and the pursuit of excellence in PBL. This commitment comes with a set of norms and beliefs team members must foster and exemplify to ensure the integrity of our founding principles are honored.

As we move through the remainder of the semester, we will cement the ritual and routines all team members are expected to engage in to ensure our students are served in a manner that is consistent with our mission and supports the realization of our achievement goals. This week's Tuesday morning meeting time will be moved to Friday, January 22nd at 8:15. During the meeting we discuss next steps.

Take a minute to reflection on your commitment to the work of this school. Are you PBL to the Core?


Team members conducting fundraisers are reminded that items that are to be sold may nit be ordered until the fundraiser form has been completed, submitted and approved by the Executive Director. Likewise, funds may not be collected until a fundraiser form has been approved. Keep in mind that even if you are ordering shirts that will be sold at cost, a fundraiser form is required.

The procedure requires that Mr. Luna, Executive Director, receive two-weeks lead time for signing documents. Consult Mr. Martinez in the main office for assistance.

Field Trips

If you are planning a filed trip, plan to have the forms into Mr. Martinez at least three weeks before the trip to allow time for processing. The two week lead time for the Executive Director is expected for this process.

Policy Acknowledgement

Staff members are reminder to go to Oracle and complete the annual policy acknowledgement by January 31st.

DeVeaux's Schedule

Districtwide Principal's Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 1-5pm

5151 Samuell Boulevard

Dallas, TX


Thursday, Jan. 21st, 8-9am

Room 348