199-251 mya


Mammals & Dinosaurs appear

The first mammals appeared at thee end of the Triassic period. The first known mammal in the Triassic period was pelycosaurs. Turtles, Frogs and Lizards all appeared during the Triassic Era

Pangea Breaks Up

At the beginning of the Triassic period the land masses were still bonded together. The formation of the supercontinent Pangea decreased the amount of shoreline, formed mountains, and gave the supercontinent a dry desert like terrain. Pangea began to break apart in the Mid Triassic forming Gondwana (South America, Africa, India, Antarctica, and Australia) in the south. In the North, Laurasia (North America and Eurasia) While Pangea was breaking apart mountains were forming.

Climate & Conditions

The climate of the Triassic era was influenced by Pangea. The climate during the Triassic era was generally hot and dry, with very cold winters and hot summers.
Dinosaur basics The Triassic period

By: Morgan & Abby