Catholic Identity 2020-2021

Most Holy Trinity


This is our plan to enhance Catholic Identity at Most Holy Trinity during the 2020-2021 School Year. We call on everyone to learn and practice their faith here at school and reinforce it at home. if we face another time when we need to stay home, the strength of our faith will help carry us through those difficult times.

After extensive discussion we present the following for your consideration. Thank you to our committee members:

Mrs. Martha Costanzo

Ms. Patty Hernandez

Mrs.. Carolyn Lira

Joy Tolentino

Catholic Identity

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    Key Question: How can parents create a Catholic home?

    There are several things parents can do to help create a Catholic atmosphere in their home . These include:

    • Hanging a crucifix somewhere in the home. A crucifix in each bedroom would be appropriate for the parents and children.
    • Emphasizing family prayer time, in the morning, before and after meals, and in the evening before bedtime.
    • Setting up a prayer place in the home. All of our classrooms have such a place. Your prayer place can include a small bowl or font for holy water, a religious statue or a picture of a saint. You can also have a candle there that can be lit during prayer time. This helps set a good atmosphere for prayer.

    How do we emphasize Catholic Social teaching?

      We want our children to be aware of what is going on in our community and be able to tell what is right and what is wrong. Our teachers will begin the year teaching the 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching. These include:

        • Life and dignity of the human person
        • Call to family, community and participation
        • Rights and responsibilities
        • Options for the poor and vulnerable
        • The dignity of work and the rights of workers
        • Solidarity
        • Care for God's creation
          These will be taught at the beginning of the year then reinforced at different times of the year or when specific current events happen.

            How do we discuss current events in a faith-based manner?

              When we discuss current events we will use the 7 Themes as a basis for discussion. We will work to ensure that the discussion is appropriate for each grade level. We will discuss what happened, how Jesus would see it, and what we should do if we were in a similar situation.

              Liturgy and Prayer

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              Liturgy and Prayer

              Key question: When and how should we pray with children in class?

              • Our children pray at the beginning of every day. They will pray before and after mealtimes. Middle school students will pray whenever there is a teacher switch. All students will pray at the end of the day.
              • We will also teach our students different types of prayer that are age appropriate. This will include the mass, rosary, the chaplet of Divine Mercy, novenas, prayers for the poor souls, and others. We will also teach how to pray appropriately during Eucharistic Adoration.
              • We encourage parents to follow through with prayer at home to reinforce what we are teaching here at school.
              How can we build our children’s’ faith?

              • We will create partnerships between older and younger students. Our older students will mentor our younger students in their faith. As are older students help younger ones with their faith they themselves will reinforce what they have learned. As are younger students learn from our older students their faith will be reinforced as well.
              • We will model our faith to our students through prayer, mass and the reception of sacraments and treating each other as Jesus expects us to. We encourage all parents to follow through with prayer, mass attendance, receiving the sacraments and treating others as Jesus expects to reinforce what we are doing here at school.

              Service Learning Opportunities

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              Key question: How can we provide service opportunities for our students?

              Serving community is important part of our faith. In order to provide service opportunities, we will

              · form a prayer network with our students. We can pray for health care workers and other frontline workers.

              · Continue include making cards four people in nursing homes during the Christmas season;

              · Conduct a food drive at Thanksgiving;

              · Conduct a baby item drive for Guiding Star, the local crisis pregnancy center;

              · Seek out additional ideas that will help our children understand the importance of helping the community.

              The Presence of Leaders

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              Key question: How can our leaders model faith?

              We want our children to grasp their faith. It is up to all adults, including our pastor, principal, teachers and staff, parents and relatives to model faith.

              • We will concentrate on attending mass regularly and receiving the sacraments of reconciliation and communion.
              • We will model prayer here at school and at home.
              • We will model Christ like behavior.
              • We will work with our pastor to provide a virtual school mass.
              • Our students sometimes have questions for our pastor or other adults. We will work with our pastor to provide appropriate answers to our students.

              Key Question: How do we support our families?

              • We will support our families in their faith by being present for them, by providing assistance when it is needed, by being good listeners and good role models.
              • We will reach out to our families in person, by phone and by email.
              • We will acknowledge special moments in our students’ and families’ lives including birthdays, anniversaries, academic, athletic and community accomplishments.
              • We will practice patience, forgiveness and humility as we encounter new situations with others. These are concepts that Jesus taught his apostles before he left them to spread the faith. These virtues are reinforced through the Holy Spirit.

              A Final Thought: We Are Called to Be Saints

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              The road to heaven and sainthood is not easy. There are many stumbling blocks and temptations that can get in the way. Life can seem easier when we don't have the commitment to attend mass or pray regularly. However, we are not called to an easier life. When athletes practice their sport, it isn't easy. They strain, they sweat and they hurt. When a musician practices an instrument, they repeat over and over again the fine movements that are needed to play the instrument correctly. While it may not be straining them physically, it is certainly straining them mentally. Practicing your faith is like practicing anything else, it builds Strength to help us do the right things four ourselves and others. We are called to practice our faith in a way that attracts others and makes them want to join us.

              We can never be perfect, but we can strive to do what God wants us to do daily,

              for ourselves and our children!

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